Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's the Oil, Stupid, Afghanistan, Burma, Iraq and Iran

After that title I feel like singing "they've been everywhere man"...and indeed,
take a look at any world conflict, scratch the surface by running a search on something like, ....

"Unocal, Chevron, Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater, Burma, South America, Darfur"...oh yes Darfur..for example:

Darfur: Forget genocide, there's oil

By F William Engdahl

To paraphrase the famous quip during the 1992 US presidential debates, when an unknown William Jefferson Clinton told then-president George Herbert Walker Bush, "It's the economy, stupid," the present concern of the current Washington administration over Darfur in southern Sudan is not, if we look closely, genuine concern over genocide against the peoples in that poorest of poor part of a forsaken section of Africa. No. "It's the oil, stupid."

The case of Darfur, a forbidding piece of sun-parched real estate in the southern part of Sudan, illustrates the new Cold War over oil, where the dramatic rise in China's oil demand to fuel its booming growth has led Beijing to embark on an aggressive policy of - ironically - dollar diplomacy. With its more than US$1.2 trillion in mainly US dollar reserves at the Peoples' National Bank of China, Beijing is engaging in active petroleum geopolitics. Africa is a major focus, and in Africa, the central region between Sudan and Chad is a priority.

This is defining a major new front in what, since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, is a new Cold War between Washington and Beijing over control of major oil sources. So far Beijing has played its cards a bit more cleverly than Washington. Darfur is a major battleground in this high-stakes contest for oil control.

China oil diplomacy
In recent months, Beijing has embarked on a series of initiatives designed to secure long-term raw materials sources in one of the planet's most endowed regions - Sub-Saharan Africa. No raw material has higher priority in Beijing at present than oil. Today China draws an estimated 30% of its crude oil from Africa. That explains an extraordinary series of diplomatic initiatives which have left Washington furious. China is using no-strings-attached dollar credits to gain access to Africa's vast raw material wealth, leaving Washington's typical control game via the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) out in the cold. Who needs the painful medicine of the IMF when China gives easy terms and builds roads and schools to boot?

...China has been generous in dispensing its soft loans, with no interest or as outright grants, to some of the poorest debtor states of Africa. The loans have gone into infrastructure, including highways, hospitals, and schools, a stark contrast to the brutal austerity demands of the IMF and World Bank. In 2006 China committed more than $8 billion to Nigeria, Angola and Mozambique, versus $2.3 billion to all sub-Saharan Africa from the World Bank. Ghana is negotiating a $1.2 billion Chinese electrification loan. Unlike the World Bank, a de facto arm of US foreign economic policy, China shrewdly attaches no strings to its loans. This oil-related Chinese diplomacy has led to the bizarre accusation from Washington that Beijing is trying to "secure oil at the sources", something Washington foreign policy has itself been preoccupied with for at least a century. No source of oil has been more the focus of China-US oil conflict of late than Sudan, home of Darfur.

...Merchants of death The United States, acting through surrogate allies in Chad and neighboring states has trained and armed the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Army, headed until his death in July 2005 by John Garang, trained at the US Special Forces school at Fort Benning, Georgia. By pouring arms into first southeastern Sudan and since discovery of oil in Darfur into that region as well, Washington fueled the conflict that led to tens of thousands dying and several million driven to flee their homes. Eritrea hosts and supports the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), the umbrella NDA opposition group, and the Eastern Front and Darfur

the complete story is here:

Gee an oil slick of genocide, treason, arms trading and lies ...and this is the New World aren't they something! The really sad thing is that given the void of something called conscience in these psychopaths, they are really quite bottomless in terms of how low they can go. As the real history in the U. S. National Archives and the Library of Congress has shown us, American industry has a penchant for arming both sides of every war, and using the American military to acquire other country's resourcs....all in the name of democracy of course.

Now in Canada we too send our kids to guard the Unocal pipeline in Afghanistan and the record opium crop, while our Mulroney mime of a prime minister plans to introduce a "war on drugs." Right darlin, the kind that are competitive to what your intel is selling eh?
BTW if Marc Emery is extradicted to the USA we are extradicting to a country that TORTURES...we have photos remember.

So all I ask is the next time you see a conflict from Africa or Burma..or anywhere else on TV, a search of your own by typing in the country name, and that of various oil companies. Since Unocal happens to be in Burma, Afghanistan and various other key places it is always a good one. They have also been sued in California court for human rights abuses in Burma..but the corporate owned media do not report it.

So next time someone tells you it is about democracy ...just home or abroad, it is about OIL and Land ownership. They (Bush RNC some DNC) are bent on privatizing the world, with religion being the device for control and 4-5 globalists MAX in each market sector controlling us. It is not free enterprise it is totalitarian government by those who have ripped us off for decades and now plan a monopoly of the world with the rest of us slaves or worker drones.


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