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"We are in a serious Constitutional crisis," Joseph A. Palermo, a professor of history at California State University, Sacramento, wrote this morning on the Huffington Post. "Democrats were elected to Congress to put the brakes on the Bush-Cheney juggernaut. … [Kucinich’s bill] is a long overdue measure coming from a Democrat who has the guts to stand up for the United States Constitution."
Kucinich, who is running for the
Democratic presidential nomination, has gathered 21 co-sponsors for the articles of impeachment that he first introduced in April. Seeing war with Iran on the horizon, the Ohio congressman now plans to reintroduce the measure this afternoon as a privileged resolution.
Kucinich alleges that Cheney misled Congress and the American public into the war in Iraq, and is trying now to mislead lawmakers and voters into a war with Iran.
"The Vice President is cherry-picking intelligence and selectively using facts in a manner that does not portray the complete picture," Kucinich said today in a statement. "The best option to prevent an unnecessary war with Iran is to impeach the Vice President, the lead cheerleader of the war."

Perhaps then we can report and act on the oil companies behind the genocide in Burma, Darfur, Afghanistan and Iraq (to mention a few)


Unocal still in Burma
Unocal still in Burma
-->Submitted by Bill Weinberg on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 04:05.
For all the opprobrium being directed at China over its support for the repressive Burma regime, the US corporate presence is going unexamined. As we recently noted, the new Burma sanctions announced by Bush mean no more than a visa ban on some members of the junta, and the freezing of assets of some figures linked to the regime. (DPA, Sept. 24) None of the US sanctions enacted since the bloody junta took power in 1988 have interfered with Unocal's operations in Burma—which continue to this day.
After the annulled elections of 1990, Congress passed the Customs and Trade Act, enabling the president to impose sanctions against Burma—which then-president George HW Bush declined to do. Clinton finally did so—but with a loophole allowing those firms who were already in Burma before 1990 to remain. The 2003 Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act barred Burmese imports, but still failed to move against US corporations grandfathered in under the existing law. (See the US State Department's "2005 Investment Climate: Burma" and the free-market Cato Institute's anti-sanctions factsheet, "US Sanctions Against Burma: A Failure on All Fronts")
The Texas-based Unocal in 2003 completed construction of a pipeline to export gas from Burma's Yadana fields to Thailand. The pipeline cuts right through the territory of the Karen and Mon tribal peoples, the target of ethnic cleansing campaigns by the Burmese regime. In 2004, Unocal settled in a case brought under the US Alien Tort Claims Act charging the company was complicit with forced labor and other rights abuses. (Radio Free Asia, Dec. 18, 2004) In 2005, Unocal's French partner Total agreed to compensate victims to the tune of 6 million euros ($7.2 million), paid into a fund for humanitarian projects. (EarthRights International, Nov. 29, 2005) The Yadana pipeline is functioning today—and being protested by global ecologists for its impacts on the sensitive rainforest regions it cuts through. (Qatar Gulf Times, Sept. 4, 2007)

Indeed, look under any world conflict and it will be rare indeed that an American corporation is not involved funding a brutal militia to enact the worst of abuses. Torture, land reformation, genocide, international pedophile rings, sex slave rings,
and congress will NOT act to IMPEACH these bastards???

Then Declaration of Independence in hand...let us start a CLASS ACTION SUIT for TREASON against the President, Vice, AG, RNC, DNC, the Congress, and any other PUBLIC official who will NOT enforce the law.

It is time we held them ALL to account. Let us commit to memory their faces and the horror done in our names. WE NEED TO STAND. IMPEACH or we DEMAND the American military arrest for treason the executive and congress. We've had enough and we are not going to take it anymore. And if the media remain criminally complicit in blocking the truth arrest their sorry asses too...we have had it! ENFORCE the LAW or admit we are not a nation of laws but one run by thugs and dead enders.


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I appreciate your sentiments on impeachment: Someone needs to be held to account for inaction.

As you well know, many are saying that there is one roadblock to impeachment: Nancy Pelosi refuses to put impeachment on the table, and is blocking the impeachment investigation.

However, there is a solution: Pelosi can be removed as Speaker. If you want to know more about this effort, what's involved, or how this is possible -- to clear the way for impeachment -- hit this link.

Thanks for your blog, and rest assured others are working to help Kucinich clear the way for impeachment. Good luck and best wishes to you.

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