Friday, June 01, 2007

Tracks of Treason All Lead to One Place

The Bush crime family, watch Seymour Hersh expose the entire war profiteering gang from Iran Contra to today, they have been terrorizing the world in the name of democracy.

An interview between Wolf Blitzer (thanks for coming to the party on this one Wolf) and Seymour Hersh
on youtube...well worth watching!

The Bush family are Nazis. They profited from WWI, funded Hitler in WWII and profited from Auschwitz. They have systematically bilked America of her riches, making anything that stood in their way "unpatriotic."

A study of THEIR palaces soon reveals how much it takes to operate the shadow, covert government of the USA.

Lets arrest these bastards so our children will see our courage and learn to stand in the face of real evil...especially that from within.

Is this the legacy America wants to leave the world?

Saddam had it right, and they killed him before he could reveal the depth of trading the Bush's did with him before he was murdered.

A Texas hanging...

Every country the USA invades they start a civil war. It is not a new strategy the Brits used it extensively with the Irish, the East Indians and anyone else who revolted within the colonies, just as Bush tries to divide everyone at home.

Well mr bush your days are numbered because 70% of us are on to you and your sordid family, and we want justice NOW.

Mostly we would like congress to stand before we have to impeach them state by state, because if that is what it takes...we're gonna do it.


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