Monday, May 28, 2007

Gawd, Gonzo and Goodling = Jaundiced Justice Censored

Palast has a marvelous article on Goodling, the Justice appointee who sounds more like a fundamentalist bible teacher enforcing Taliban protocol so no one who thinks outside the Republican fundamentalist box can serve in the "democracy." Greg Palast - -

The Goods on Goodling and the Keys to the Kingdom

Posted By Greg Palast On May 24, 2007 @ 8:54 am In Articles 19 Comments
Special to the [1] BRADBLOG by Greg Palast

This Monica revealed something hotter, much hotter, than a stained blue dress. In her opening testimony yesterday before the House Judiciary Committee, Monica Goodling, the blonde-ling underling to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Department of Justice Liaison to the White House, dropped The Big One.And the Committee members didn't even know it.[2]
Goodling testified that Gonzales Chief of Staff, Kyle Sampson, perjured himself, lying to the committee in earlier testimony. The lie: Sampson denied Monica had told him about Tim Griffin's involvement in caging voters in 2004.

(Gee I wonder if this is the charming "catch and release" fishing term these Nazis use with illegal immigants?)

The keys: the missing emails and missing link that could send Griffin and his boss, Rove, to the slammer for a long, long time.

Kingdom enough for ya?

But what's caging and why is it such a dreadful secret that lawyer Sampson put his license to practice and his freedom on the line to cover Tim Griffin's involvement in it? Because it's a felony. And a big one.
Our BBC team broke the story at the top of the nightly news everywhere on the planet - except the USA - only because America's news networks simply refused to cover this evidence of the electoral coup de tat that chose our President in 2004.
Here's how caging worked, and along with Griffin's thoughtful emails themselves you'll understand it all in no time.
The Bush-Cheney operatives sent hundreds of thousands of letters marked. Do not forward to voters homes. Letters returned (caged) were used as evidence to block these voters right to cast a ballot on grounds they were registered at phony addresses. Who were the evil fakers? Homeless men, students on vacation and you got to love this American soldiers. Oh yeah: most of them are Black voters.
Why weren't these African-American voters home when the Republican letters arrived? The homeless men were on park benches, the students were on vacation and the soldiers were overseas. Go to Baghdad, lose your vote. Mission Accomplished.

.... The complete article is at the link referenced in the beginning.

Clearly American "news" collaborated to withold criminal evidence from the American people, blocking truth from PUBLIC airwaves - they too should be tried for war crimes. Instead today, CNN is showing old film of Poppy establishing Fisher House for war vets and the all the people who die for their palaces, and the greed of the few who dare to call themselves elite, when in fact they are the scum of the earth. They are justice jaundiced in the complete and final destruction of the United States of America.

Ah well, this afternoon CNN will likely play FLYBOY and we can call be treated to Poppy bailing for the thousandth time while they forget to mention that two men died while they filmed Poppy's bailing extravaganza. Interesting that a photographer was following him around.

The American news media are no longer simply embedded media, they are complicit in blocking the knowledge that the WORLD views the USA as a country carrying out an illegal, immoral, occupation of a country that did nothing to the USA. They have oil, and the USA has invaded most poor countries who do have oil and driven indigenous people off their land.

The USA news media are war criminals, complicit in promoting, selling and maintaining an illegal war, and covering up the war crimes of an illegal government. They like the corporations they serve are the most unpatriotic, profit driven monsters of the equation. And cynical, well
Cheney put the "c" in cynical, and one only wishes he would go hunting with more people in this administration. Under the circumstances, in this muted, media of Bush mimes, it is likely all the justice for which we dare hope.


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