Friday, May 25, 2007

Criminal Congress Kow Tows to Mugabe Bush

Well sixty years of trading with the enemy is not given up easily.

A congress elected by the people to END THIS WAR, have orchestrated a deal to do exactly the opposite. By approving funding to continue this illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq the congress has made themselves and the American people complicit in genocide and willfully funding war crimes.

Let's sit on this court case eh CNN, or the case where holocaust survivors of Auschwitz are sueing the Bush family.

Because just like Saddam, the German Nazis would not have had the weapons to do the deed(s) without American industry.

Halliburton just finished arming Iran (unprosecuted or course), so it looks like the USA will go there next.

Just for fun...let's try putting this pack in storage for a year or ten and see how the world stage quiets down without the constant CIA, Mossad funded interference in country after country.

Jaundiced justice and the Mugabe Bush dream (try nightmare) team of GOP neanderthals, Iran Contra criminals, and faith based money launderers.

Be gone, passive, puerile, politicians on the take - we've had it with this nonsense.

Let's impeach the lot state by state and send what is left of the national guard to arrest the most criminal regime in the history of the USA

It is clear there is one law for the rest of us and no law Bushites or the GOP.


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