Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Big Oil's Country Managers Blair and Bush.

They are obedient above all to those who pay them.

Meanwhile the Bush barbarians have been able to count on getting away with sixty years of war profiteering, trading with the enemy and genocide, thanks to a criminally complicit news media who expediently omit truth from the Bush family record.

American troops are illegally, immorally and criminally occupying Iraq, where over 600,000 civilians have been slaughtered. The death squads that came with John Negroponte to the Honduras conveniently followed him to Iraq (same mo different group). A criminal from Iran Contra, Negroponte is head of American intelligence. In fact if you are a Bush or a member of their gang you are above law - American, International, and seemingly the Geneva convention and Nuremberg Laws.

But then they are well oiled .. the oil community sat down with ol Dick and planned the invasion of Iraq, the demise of California
and the ongoing bilking of the American people who are so brainwashed that they are not demanding that the ownership of oil be nationalized.

This memorial day I pray that the row on row of crosses causes each of us to do her own research and see why, and who funds these wars and to whom goes the spoils.

It is not in the American propagandized corporate spin, but it is in the U. S. National Archives.

God speed..all humanity needs the light.