Thursday, May 31, 2007

Behaving As If the GOD in All Life Mattered?

Religion couldn't wait to hop in bed with Hitler. Gee they could kill all those Jews, homosexuals, oppress women and take over the world, it was business eh.

Besides if you keep people poor, pregnant and starving, they do not have time to consider the way their country is being run. One way to do that is to keep having children with little way to support them.

Of course we have the corporate embedded news teams to aid and abet the demise of America by only interviewing right wing, fundamentalist hacks like Falwell, Robertson and similar ilk.

A faith based money laundry for the GOP, the evangelical movement of this hatefilled hubris is constantly on national TV with such stalwarts of wisdom and morality as Bill Bennett to waddle out and lecture us on how we need to behave. Bennett is a known gambling addict who lost 8 million in the casinos, but like the rest of these p---ks feels entitled to tell thes rest of us how to live.
He is another paid off pundit of GOP propaganda that streams nonstop from the corporate gulag.

Like Hitler, we just change the law to suit our needs or appoint judges who will follow our orders. Isn't that democracy?
that mark the crosses row on row,
while corporate America gleefully makes a bundle.
Narcissistic, psychopathic corporate America.
Under law we call this genocide, murder and fraud. It certainly has nothing to do with God. She gave up on these cretins some time ago.

And this despicable lot of beings who manipuilate, lie, and operate unscathed under the shield of mainstream media credibility. I nearly fell on the floor laughing after typing that last line...because I realized MSM no longer has any credibility - so there is hope.

How about behaving as if the God in all life mattered?


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