Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bush, "Yur OUT!"
Please go to the above referenced link to hear a U Tube production of the Three STRIKES against Bush by a war vet and fellow iconoclast.

You might want to scan through
these images while listening to how
Bush managed to gut the constitution.

While the right wing religious money laundry funnels money to the likes of Charles Taylor.

Bin Laden didn't attack New Orleans, Bush just stood down for another event where disaster had been forecasted. It is called criminal negligence.

While a pack of narcissistic psychopathic country managers destroy the world on behalf of their corporate owners, America watches Bush break every law in the book and still remain unaccountable.

In fact when we finally arrest, indict and impeach this sorry simpleton of a man, his swan song should be "unforgettable" with the word "unaccountable" substituted for every unforgettable line, because he certainly is forgettable, we just don't want to repeat the memory.

In the meantime World to Bush -

"Yur OUT!"

Rock on Timbre' Wolf, the light surrounds you.

Each time a person stands in the face of tyranny he/she creates more room for the rest of us. Thank you


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