Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Putting the "I" in Impeachment

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Be It Resolved: You Can Impeach the President (from Michael Moore)

Official State Impeachment Text

Impeachment Text for Cities & Towns

Impeachment Text for County Democratic Committees

Impeachment Text for State Assemblies and/or Legislatures

Jefferson's Manual, Section LIII, 603

You Can Impeach the President
...end of Moore excerpt.

I (Stealth) am a Canadian yet the Declaration of Independence seems to say to me, that if I were American I would have the right, no the duty, to revolt in the face of corrupt, lying government.

This is against the Geneva convention, as is displaying Saddam and earlier the mutilated bodies of his two sons.

Indeed, the meanstream(I was going to correct this to mainstream but it fits so well I decided to leave it) media is the last to know (or be able to report it if they do).

Let's arrest, indict and impeach these sorry excuses of humanity. They are psychopathic narcissists operating outside the law - arrest them. It starts with each "I" ...let's start dotting.


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