Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Voice of Treason

Mainstream news media fraudulently use public channels to spew right wing dogma. The interviewees are all from paid off "think tanks" like the Heritage Institute, or some other faith based funded group of fundamentalist hacks financed by public money. Or. we are treated to
moonies from the Washington Times which is owned by Moon, who contributed heavily to the Bush campaign.

70% of Americans no longer believe a damn thing media says so who are they selling isn't us.

The lying evangelical fundamentalist Secretary of State. She lied about 9/11 and she continues to block and lie today. Like Hitler's groupies, she will do anything for Bush, over country, over God and seemingly over reason.
Do you think this guy has our back?

He didn't then and he doesn't now.

Let us demand our public airwaves be used for TRUTH.

Since integrity, honesty, truth and dignity appear dead at the senior level of executives in all these companies...let's DEMAND they act in accordance with the law.

Bush's singular responsibility as president was to protect the constitution, which he has instead gutted. ARREST THESE MONSTERS and the lame, criminally complicit news media that protect them.


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