Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American De Mocracy is a Corporate Gulag

Joe Lieberman although registered as an Independent (he takes money from either side - how sweet it is) is a known GOP hack who infiltrated the Democratic party and helped orchestrate the impeachment of Clinton, likely as a major distraction to war crimes in the Middle East with Palestine under THIRY YEARS of Israeli OCCUPATION.

Dubya bringing corporate democracy to the world in the name of the USA. There are over 10,000 people incarcerated in Iraq and no one knows how many have been flown on "rendition flights" to CIA torture chambers worldwide.
Like Hitler, Bush has moved to legitimize his crimes every step of the way, with a justice department that is nothing but a lap dog to the Bushite family empire, over country, over God and over the people.

The sweeping breadth of disrespect for humanity around the world is the ONLY shock and awe from this sick, weird and criminal regime who stagger us all with the depth of their psychopathic narcissism and the seeming inability of congress to enforce the law and hold them accountable.

We have photographs from all over the world of American torture, yet this president and vice president have the audacity to say "we do not torture."

As corporate America slips the BRASS ring of the GLOBE on their greedy little digits, this is what they
make it on...the slavery, oppression and greed of American firms who have funded BOTH SIDES of every war since time began.

The ONLY patriotism is in YOUR heart because it certainly is NOT in the soul of these companies.

Government of the corporation, by the corporation for the corporation (and the greedy few who would rule us).

Time to turn the lights on folks...this is a global crime syndicate. Amnesty Intl today announced that governments worldwide are exerting control through FEAR ...(ust like a mafia style shakedown)

Let's work on our state governments to impeach congress and the president, clearly it is our last hope for respresentation by elected people.

Then let's get the word to our military so they stop being the pawn of corporate greed of the few, by the few for the the expense of the many.


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