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Whose Side is Bush On?

To the tune of "We Must Remember This"...

a stroll down memory lane to refresh us all that the Catholic Church and some Jesuits were only too happy to support the Nazis, so too did American industry line up to deal with the devil.

This article from Counterpunch around the time of the Iraq invasion illustrates the blogs were asking the questions..but as usual the media was covering for the Bush family.

February 14, 2003

A Global Holy War
Whose Side is George Bush On?


It now seems clear that whatever is decided at the United Nations in the next few days, George W Bush will launch a pre-emptive strike on Iraq sooner rather than later. Despite a majority of the public here in Britain being against war, Tony Blair will no doubt commit United Kingdom troops to join what both Bush and Blair deem to be a war "with God on our side." Perhaps it would be better if they asked the question "Are we on God's side?"

...But I am getting ahead of myself. Let's go back to September 11 and the initial reaction of the Bush administration to those terrible events. The war, he declared would be a "War on Terrorism". The target, the most wanted man in the world, Osama bin Laden (remember him?) Al Qeada and the Taliban. And so Afghanistan was attacked. And Osama, Mullah Omhar, Al Qaeda and the majority of the Taliban, who Bush said he would capture "dead or alive?"

They escaped.

Then came the "Axis of Evil" speech and the attention moved from Osama, Al Qaeda and the Taliban to Saddam Hussein and Iraq. It is a credit to the Bush administration's propaganda machine, or perhaps to the gullibility of the American public, that a majority of Americans now believe Saddam was behind 9/11.

But let's get back to Osama. What was his thinking behind the attacks of September 11? What were his motives for attacking the most powerful country on the planet? To understand that all you have to do is look around the internet to get a flavour of Osama's avowed ambition, his purpose in life. He wants to start a Holy War, a Jihad, against Israel and the Christian West. That has always been his prime directive, his "raison d'etre."
So what happens when America launches its "Shock and Awe" pre-emptive strike against Iraq. Well, word is it will be quick, clinical and over in couple of days. Really?

This war is going to be about more than a two day barrage of cruise missiles and smart bombs. It's about controlling oil and regime change and that means going into Baghdad and capturing Saddam "dead or alive." (Now where have you heard that phrase before?) That means American troops entering Baghdad, and that will be a bloody affair. UN estimates put civilian casualties at between five hundred thousand and one million, and fifty percent of Iraqis are children under fifteen. And what if Saddam, in a last ditch effort to save himself or a final act of madness uses weapons of mass destruction? Well, George W Bush has made it very clear what will happen next. A nuclear strike and the consequent huge loss of civilian life. More important, though, is what the reaction of the Islamic world would be ! to the deaths of so many fellow moslems? Catch my drift?
It matters not to the faithful of Islam whether his brother in religion is a sunni, a shi-ite or a sufi. In the end they are all moslems, united by Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. If they perceive such an act of aggression by the West is nothing more than an attack on the whole of Islam, which is very likely, the Koran tells them they must defend themselves and their fellow moslems to the death. So, Bush nukes Baghdad and kills maybe three million moslems, Islam gathers itself and starts a Jihad. Exactly what Osama bin Laden wanted, a Holy War between Isalm and the Judeo/Christian West.
And that brings us neatly back to the question that no-one so far has dared to ask. Whose side IS George W Bush on? Osama bin Laden's?
Copyright: Ian Gurney February 2002.
Ian Gurney is a writer, broadcaster and the author of the book "The Cassandra Prophecy-Armageddon Approaches."

The Bush regime be it father or son, always start a civil war in every country they invade, often after assassinating the elected leader, if democratic or socialist leaning, only to be replaced by a Mugabe, or a Ferdinand Marcus (Phillipines), a Pinochet in Chile. These corrupt, torturing leaders last a long time because they do the bidding of the corrupt CIA, the School of Americas torture school and American corporations, to the detriment of their own people.
This is what Bushites call "bringing democracy to the world."

Some of us figured out a l-ong time ago whose side mr. bush is on and we wish he would simply retire to one of his many palaces earned by bilking the American people and war profiteering,
and get out of our lives. It is clear that any justice is a total travesty under these goons of greed, protected from reality by a relentlessly predictable, propaganda machine in the mainstream media.

Nope, the Bushites took the "De" out of De MOCRACY some time ago, unfortunately the news media made an operation out it by being the bird to mock their own democracy into nonexistence.

Heck no habeas corpus and a King George who can overule congress (the people's elected representatives) on everything including funding an illegal, immoral, occupation of another country...while CNN does slavish productions like, "This Week at War", and I'm sorry Lou but major coverage of 7000 cases of leprosy in the USA...
HEL-LO CNN, you have a population base of 300 million (7000 cases of leprosy likely doesn't amount to much) and your criminal presidency and congress is occupying a country where over 600,000 have been slaughtered in American bombing (not to mention the use of depleted uranium). Surely you get the point?

Whose side is Bush on? It certainly is not Americas'. Name one good thing - one - that Bush has done for America, other than expose the entire criminal GOP. The USA in the meantime has adopted a fundamentalist, rigid line closer to the Taliban than a democracy. Always with the omnipotent, never to be reported Bushites in control.

Let's take back the PUBLIC airwaves and kick off this constant deluge of ads and propaganda from a corporate coup driving like licentious lemmings for the cliff, stuffing their pockets while they slither faster and faster through the mud.

These are globalists, a new name for fascist - with world government under corporate control.
No conscience, no statesmanship, just one giant gulag run by people devoid of integrity, character, or compassion. None of them are on our side, and none of them are on the side of our respective countries.


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