Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Candle

Thanks Jack Cafferty for being a beacon of common sense in a sea of order following, yes men.

To the other extreme of journalist whose "word" really doesn't mean anything at all. It is simply what he or she has been bought and paid to say. A mouthpiece, devoid conscience, with the cost to humanity being far more, than less.

History is repeated time and again in America because people do not know their real history.

They are fed a flag saluting, sappy patriotism from birth that bears no relation to the corporate fascism exerted abroad and increasingly at home.

The military has become a machine for corporate greed, operating outside International law, the Geneva Convention and American Law - and forcibly funded by the American people - Mugabe Bush (a man whose family funded Nazi Germany) vetoed the wish of the PEOPLE that he withdraw the troops from an illegal, immoral, invasion and occupation. In other words he told the country to "fuck off" he will do what he wants with you money. Nice work and you can get it and he had it handed to him by a criminally complicit congress on the hook to the K Street boys through Abramoff.

Ah yes the trail of Bush blood stretches from the Merchants of Death in WWI and Sam Bush to Prescott Bush, fondly referred to as, Hitler's Angel he was responsible for assisting American industry to meet with and arm Nazi Germany. (Not that you would hear or read about that in the "media", but it is in the U.S. National Archives)
Indeed, Poppy established a drug cartel that stretches from Afghanistan (bumper crop this year) to South America where the CIA is know for the death squads they train in Florida at the School of Americas.

Terror starts at home with this family and ...just goes on and on..unreported, unchecked, unbalanced...and

Can we end the cycle...? Any more Jacks out there?


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