Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Untouchables

Let's face it the corporate international crime syndicate has their boy, and the embedded news media give him and his family a free pass, they have for the past SIXTY years.

They are the UNTOUCHABLES.

While this midget of a man, with the intellect of a narcissistic, psychopathic six year old, wreaks havoc on the world - UNelected, outside International Law, the Geneva convention and American law...they murder on...unreported, unchallenged and above the law.

When will Junior pardon this sordid lot, like Poppy did for Caspar Weinberger and the Iran Contra drug running, black ops and death squads in South America.


Because they own the press they can start wars, commit genocide and plant dictators all over the world, terrorizing countries and running indigenous people off their own land, they operate on behalf of American corporate fascists all over the world. The globalists.
But hey..

Wouldn't it be something if some news people broke from the pack and actually stood up against these thugs and dead enders.

Imagine THAT!


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