Friday, May 18, 2007

Gassed, Waaay Beyond Trust mr. bush

While the public is subjected to case after case of personal exploitation with the news media following every ridiculous detail of Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, or Anna Nicole Smith,
the most criminal administration of all time and the criminal cases associated with it go largely uncovered.

Jack Abramoff was sentenced to six years and is still on trial under other charges. There was a mafia style hit involved in this case and yet
we hardly hear about it...and we rarely hear about the indepth involvement of Ralphie Reed, Pretty Boy Floyd of the Christian Rite (Hitler's christians reincarnate)

the New York Times owes the public (bigtime after the Judith Miller SCAM)
This week they made a start:

May 18, 2007
Rose Garden Charade

Confronted with soaring gasoline prices, a Congress growing more restless by the day about oil dependency and a Supreme Court demanding executive action on global warming emissions, President Bush stepped before the cameras in the Rose Garden the other day and said, essentially, nothing.
He announced that he had ordered four federal agencies to work together to devise regulations reducing greenhouse gases. He also renewed his call for greater investments in alternative fuels. But neither he nor the cadre of designated briefers who followed him provided any detail, so nobody knows whether he will in fact end up asking for more efficient cars or what sort of alternative fuels he has in mind or, more broadly, what sort of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions he hopes to achieve.
What we did learn was that he has chosen to make the process as cumbersome and time-consuming as possible. We also learned that nothing concrete will happen until the regulatory process is completed at the end of 2008 ? a mere three weeks before Mr. Bush walks out the White House door. As Edward Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, aptly noted, this will leave motor vehicle fuel economy stuck in neutral until Bush's successor takes office.
This is, in short, yet another of Mr. Bush's faith-based energy strategies, in which the operative words are trust me. The White House says that good regulations need time to develop. That is true, but we would be more inclined to cut Mr. Bush some slack if not for the fact that speedier routes are readily available.

For one thing, he could have simplified matters by letting the Environmental Protection Agency run the whole regulatory show, which is what the Supreme Court had in mind. He could also have ordered the E.P.A. to grant California the permission it has been seeking for more than two years to impose its own emissions standards on cars and light trucks, which it can do under the Clean Air Act once it gets a federal waiver. But the automakers desperately do not want California or the 11 other states that plan to imitate California to get that authority, and Mr. Bush is obviously in no hurry to grant it.
What we are seeing is the obligatory response of a president who finds himself boxed into a corner by Congress and the court and forced to appear to be doing something. At bottom, his administration doubts the urgency of the climate change issue and remains deeply averse to mandates and regulatory timetables.
End of NYTimes excerpt.

Bubba Bush the Barbarian, unaccountable, unlawful, over-reaching criminal, and apparently no one can do a thing about it.


I expect they are having a great chuckle over this is the sort of thing they would find funny. I mean Prescott was responsible for funding the genocide (gassing) of over ten million, and now Bubba has killed millions worldwide for Texas gas greed...snd today we line up like sheep to be gassed again.

Different decade - same family - same corporations - same story. Gassed!


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