Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bush - Merely A Mirror of Corporate Crime


The manipulation of weather is documented all over the web, with the American military bragging of its capability to control hurricanes and steer them by the lip. (search under HAARP,"Angels Do Not Control This HAARP")

A shot of the united genocide for greed planning the NEW Orleans (without the entire mosiac of Black people who made it what it was).

Of COURSE it is just in time for the next DIEBOLD selection of the president on the paperless machines.

Cynthia McKinney sounding the alarm on Katrina and the next planned voting catastrophe.

Richard Perle, proven Israeli agent, NEO CON, member of the Bilderberg group committing treason all over the world right now.

The ONLY thing reborn about either Bush or Cheney.

The collective EVIL driving people off their own land and stealing their resources.

Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission...
and the unholy union of the "religious right" money laundry are systematically destroying every democracy in the world while they shrill about taking democracy to the world.

They are taking it to the world..but it ain't democracy.

Any election in the USA is simply a run off between the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission... usually either way they win.

There is no democratic government in the USA, only a one party state with a monopolized news media who report nothing but propagandized drivel.


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