Monday, March 20, 2006

Bilderberg Barbarians (source) A group of elitist "human" beings who think they have the right to manipulate the people of the world and impose a fascist world government. (Rumsfeld is of course a member)

Wolfowitz - NeoCon student of Leo Strauss, a man who suffered under Hitler's rule only to adopt the same philosphy of fascism. (The abused becoming the abuser once again)

Ever wonder why the same darn people show up in
Democrat or Republican administrations?

Bolton, abuser, bully, and USA ambassador to the UN.

Henry Kissinger wanted as a war criminal - he was of course appointed to chair the 911 commission on the first go round and only replaced after a huge outcry.

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, after his interview with Bilderberg (of course).
Shown with a suitcase of cash in Quebec...

Richard Perle, infamous for his "we need something on the magnitude of Pearl Harbor to ensure the people are behind us."

Resigned due to the light shed on his profit taking during the war.


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