Sunday, March 12, 2006

Where GOD is an Acronym for Greed, Oppression & Denial

Scarborough, along with Mathews at MSNBC makes up a duo of right wing swill.

Indeed no fear of these folks standing in front of the oncoming tank (not that you would know about it given the censorship of activist Rachel Corrie's story).

"liberal" media - these paid off hacks who are a disgrace to themselves, the country and something called integrity.

Hardly "liberal" they are at best paid mouths, like the criminals in office for whom they cover - they too are criminal.

Told not to fly prior to 9/11, Ashcroft set about destroying the constitution thereafter - doing to the American constitution what Osama Bin Laden could never do - destroying it.

YET... the Daily Kos reports

Religious Right Leaders Implicated in Abramoff Scandal

by Frederick Clarkson

Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 08:28:50 PM PDT

Rev. Lou Sheldon, founder of the California-based Traditional Values Coalition has long been among the most stridently anti-gay crusaders on the Christian Right.The Washington Post reveals that he and two other top Religious Right leaders are implicated in the widening Washington, DC corruption scandal centered around conservative Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff who has cut a deal with federal prosecutors in return for his testimony against Members of Congress.

Abramoff called him "Lucky Louie" Sheldon.

Ralph Reed, the former executive director of the Christian Coalition, and now a political consultant, had previously been shown to have received money from gambling interests tied to Abramoff -- even as he was publicly working on anti-gambling issues for another client.
And now the anti-gambling Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition has been shown to have received money from gambling interests, along with Rabbi Daniel Lapin's, Seattle based Orthodox Jewish foundation, Toward Tradition. Lapin is frequently aligned with the Christian Right.

The Washington Post reported this past weekend, in summarizing the roles of the main players in the scandal:

E-mails released by federal investigators in June 2005 suggest that Reed secretly accepted payments from Abramoff to lobby against Indian casino gambling and oppose an Alabama education lottery at the same time that Abramoff was being paid to promote Indian casino gambling. Additional e-mails released in November 2005 show that Reed also worked for another Abramoff client seeking to block a congressional ban on Internet gambling. Reed has said he did not know the funds came from pro-gambling sources.

Reed is currently running for Lt. Governor of Georgia.

While Sheldon does not seem to be central to the corruption scandal so far, his collection of covert cash from gambling interests, when he too was publicly opposing gambling, will no doubt tarnish his credibility with his Christian Right constituents -- and anyone else who might be paying attention.

The Post reports:
Sheldon's organization, which has protested loudly against gambling, allegedly accepted money from an online lottery firm, eLottery, to help in its $2 million pro-gambling campaign. Checks and e-mails obtained by The Post show that Abramoff recruited Ralph Reed to join Sheldon in the effort to pressure members of Congress.

Sheldon told The Post that he could not remember receiving eLottery money and that he was unaware that Abramoff was involved in the campaign to defeat an anti-gambling bill. Sheldon received at least $25,000 from eLottery; Abramoff is known to have referred to him as "Lucky Louie."

The original Washington Post report last October detailed Abramoff's relationship with Sheldon, as well as Reed and Lapin. Lapin's organization Toward Tradition where Abramoff chaired the board of directors, also got $25,000 from eLottery.

The Post investigation shows that the way eLottery, a Connecticut-based company, sent money to Reed "had the effect of obscuring the source." Reed claims he did not know that Abramoff was working for eLottery.

"To reach the House conservatives, Abramoff turned to Sheldon, leader of the Orange County, Calif. - based Traditional Values Coalition, a politically potent group that publicly opposed gambling and said it represented 43,000 churches. Abramoff had teamed up with Sheldon before on issues affecting his clients. Because of their previous success, Abramoff called Sheldon "Lucky Louie," former associates said.

Checks and e-mails obtained by The Post show that Abramoff recruited Reed to join Sheldon in the effort to pressure members of Congress....

Abramoff asked eLottery to write a check in June 2000 to Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition (TVC). He also routed eLottery money to a Reed company, using two intermediaries, which had the effect of obscuring the source.

The eLottery money went first to [Washington lobbyist Grover] Norquist's foundation, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), and then through a second group in Virginia Beach called the Faith and Family Alliance, before it reached Reed's company, Century Strategies. Norquist's group retained a share of the money as it passed through.

"I have 3 checks from elot: (1) 2 checks for $80K payable to ATR and (2) 1 check to TVC for $25K," Abramoff's assistant Susan Ralston e-mailed him on June 22, 2000. "Let me know exactly what to do next. Send to Grover? Send to Rev. Lou?"

Minutes later Abramoff responded, saying that the check for Sheldon's group should be sent directly to Sheldon, but that the checks for Norquist required special instructions: "Call Grover, tell him I am in Michigan and that I have two checks for him totaling 160 and need a check back for Faith and Family for $150K."

According to the e-mails, Reed provided the name and address where Norquist was supposed to send the money: to Robin Vanderwall at a location in Virginia Beach.

Vanderwall was director of the Faith and Family Alliance, a political advocacy group that was founded by two of Reed's colleagues and then turned over to Vanderwall, Vanderwall said and records show...

In a telephone interview, Vanderwall said that in July 2000 he was called by Reed's firm, Century Strategies, alerting him that he would be receiving a package. When it came, it contained a check payable to Vanderwall's group for $150,000 from Americans for Tax Reform, signed by Norquist. Vanderwall said he followed the instructions from Reed's firm -- depositing the money and then writing a check to Reed's firm for an identical amount.

"I was operating as a shell," Vanderwall said, adding that he was never told how the money was spent. He said: "I regret having had anything to do with it."

Abramoff had previously paid Reed's consulting firms to whip up Christian opposition to Indian casinos and a proposed Alabama state lottery that would compete with the gambling business of Abramoff's tribal clients, sometimes using Norquist's foundation as a pass-through, a Senate investigation has found.

The corruption probe may prove that a number of Members of Congress were for sale. It may have already proved that some leaders of the Religious Right are for sale as well -- although that may not be illegal.

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Anyone on the net who uses a search engine, can tell you that there are over 19 million links to detailed data
describing the Bush Cheney STAND DOWN for 9/11.

Bush has blocked ANY real investigation of 9/11 and classified documents which show he authorized
the departure (without interview) of 300 Saudis
in the days following 9/11.

Media Malpractice and abuse of the public airwaves leading to treason - is the charge:


"Some of us knew. We knew about the Bush family and the bin Ladens. We knew about Halliburton and the Carlyle Group. We knew about the pipeline negotiations with the Taliban, and we knew about the PNAC warmongers. And some of us knew about the terrible casualties, both military and civilian, of the Bush wars. But most Americans did not. They had no clue.
From the first days of the Bush administration, the Internet was rife with
alternative news sources that raised the issues, documented the truth, and exposed the culprits. It was the corporate media that turned its back and cowered in deference to the Bush regime. It was the corporate media that withheld, distorted, manipulated and lied outright. It was the corporate media that cheered the push to war as they competed for its coverage and higher ratings. And it was the corporate media, tragically, to which most of the nation turned for its nightly news."

What if Our Worst Fears are True?

Why the Bush-Nazi Ties Matter: Hitler

Over and over again the historic financial ties between Prescott Bush, George Herbert Walker (the Presidents' grandfather and great grandfather and namesake), Brown Brothers Harriman, Allen Dulles, and other eugenicists and Anglo-German titans of Wall Street have been well established.

It is no longer an unproven conspiracy theory to say that the Bushes helped bring Hitler to power and helped him finance not only the Nazi party but the entire German Nazi war machine in WW II.

It is now well established that the Bushes had financial interests and political alliances with Hitler and the Third Reich which continued well into WW II when they were actually prosecuted under the "Trading with the Enemies Act" and said to be "Hitler's Angels" as his New York/Wall Street money men.

We need only read the writings of John Loftus (at or Robert Lederman, or John Buchanan to see the documentation and the sources for these truths.

in a book called "A History of National Socialism" by a German anti-Nazi whose name we should all know: as he has given the world some of the BEST writings on what we are facing today -- altho he wrote his words some 70 years ago during the rise of Hitler to perhaps the most horrific dictatorship history has ever seen.

His name was Konrad Heiden.

He also wrote the definitive biography and analysis of Hitler entitled "Der Fuhrer".

If you have not read these books, then you are NOT prepared for what is coming under the rule of the Bush family if we are not successful in November.

I must share the words I discovered today which chilled me to the bone (when considered with the full understanding that when these words were spoken there was already an alliance between Americans on Wall Street and Hitler -- which alliances included the Bushes and Walkers -- the "Dubyas").

They occur on pages 126 and 127 of Heiden's book: "A History of National Socialism" (Alfred A. Knopf, NY, 1935)

Hitler is quoted by Heiden as saying:

"... Our task is to undertake an immense organization of the whole world in which each land will produce what it requires most and in which the white race -- the Nordic race -- shall take the leading part in administering and carrying out the vast plan. Believe me, National Socialism would not be worth anything if it were to be confined to Germany and did not secure the rule of the superior race over the whole world for at least one or two thousand years."

"The great masses of workmen want nothing else than bread and amusement; they have no understanding of idealism; and we can never count upon being able to gain any considerable support among them. What we want is a picked number from the new ruling class, who ... are not troubled with humanitarian feelings but who are convinced that they have the right to rule as being a superior race, and who will secure and maintain their rule ruthlessly over the broad masses."

Heiden continues:

" Hitler added that an understanding with England was in the interests of Germany, because it was necessary to establish a Nordic-Germanic hegemony in Europe, and in conjunction with Nordic-Germanic America over the whole world."

At the time these words were spoken (before 1935) the Bushes and Walkers and Harrimans and Dulleses and Morgans and Rockefellers were already busily raising money to buy a piece of Hitler's 1000-2000 year empire.

This book of Heiden's was published in 1935.

The Bushes were still financing Hitler as late as 1942!!!

According to research of John Loftus and John Buchanan and others, the Bushes never stopped their support of Hitler during the war, but in fact merely covered their tracks with investments in Dutch and Swiss banks and other places where Nazi industrial operations could still reap them profits and a toe-hold on Hitler's plan for a "Nordic Germanic American Hegemony over the whole world" using the methodologies of Hitler's "ruthless" terror and fear and untroubled by "humanitarian feelings".

This is what emerged from WW II.

Emergent Bush-Nazi Racist Global American Hegemony

History 101 is now over.

Please pass this along

Some links:
BLOG campaign anti fascism
National Socialism NAZI
CREEP meister Rove has GOP CREEPing Fascism on steroids
Bush Dynasty
Meet the Carlyle Group the new Brown Brothers and Harriman of NAZI financier Prescot Bush fame


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