Monday, March 20, 2006

Enron Democrats

Gee the palsy walsy Clintons and Bushs, one would think they were both appointed by the Bilderbergs or something.

Lieberman in Enronland (from The Nation)

It has come to this:

The investigation of Enron as a political scandal appears for now to depend on Senator Joseph Lieberman, an Enron Democrat who bagged Enron campaign contributions and who worked hard to block accounting reforms. ...

For months the White House and the Republicans have put out the message that Enron is nothing but a business scandal, a strategy that seems to have paid off, judging by the dwindling media coverage. But the lack of coverage doesn't mean that the political aspects of Enron have been thoroughly probed. Far from it.

In a letter to Dan Burton, the Republican chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, Henry Waxman, the senior Democrat on the panel, noted many episodes that warrant scrutiny. Among them:

Enron-friendly appointments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission;
Vice President Cheney's timely condemning of electricity price caps during the California energy crisis (see John Nichols on page 14);

meetings between Enron execs and Clinton officials;

and Congressional passage in 2000 of legislation exempting energy derivative contracts from federal oversight.

Army Secretary Thomas White, who previously headed an Enron venture that engaged in fraudulent accounting practices, failed to disclose all his financial ties to the company. And just-released documents from the Energy Department, forced out by public-interest-group lawsuits, show that Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham met with dozens of business representatives and Bush contributors--and no consumer or conservation groups--while he was developing the Bush energy plan. But Burton, to no one's surprise, turned down Waxman's proposed investigation, and other House Republicans, again no surprise, have been more eager to jump on Enron's and Arthur Andersen's funny numbers than on those firms' political connections. (excerpt from The Nation - link above)

The Rand Corporation listed Saudi Arabia as the number one TERROR nation in the world.

Here the Saudi Prince is seen kissing the placed corporate president (Bush) of America.

Bush is in office because a Democratic congress has NOT stood to confront the abject criminality of the Bush regime. Why ?

How many Democrats are complicit in the war for Enron, Bechtel and Halliburton?

Let's ensure when we clean house and get the voting machines REGULATED that we elect only those who have not been in bed with big oil, pharma or any other firm in the USA currently involved in funding treason.


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