Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wag the Dog Media

In a move identical to the sardonic, mean spirited Bush administration CNN hired Jayson Blair to "improve reporting accuracy."

(Jayson Blair is the reporter from the New York Times, infamous for his creativity in making up stories... should be right handy)

Their boss is a nasty old Australian bigot (Murdoch), a xenophobe who uses the air waves to spew his political beliefs and promote propaganda.

I chuckle as I type

LEFT to Right...

Coulter (re-incarnated Nazi prison camp guard) the psychopathic, narcissistic model that TV pundits love.

IMUS - An odd man who mutters into the microphone and asks questions of two other rude men who seem pre-occupied with burping, farting and giggling. (Trailer Park Boys live?)

Bill O'Reilly - Psychopathic, narcissist who is hilariously profiled by Stephen Colbert in the Colbert Report (follows Jon Stewart ..who actually produces the show - another winner)
This excuse for a human being is too hateful to women, people of color or gays/lesbians to even spend much time on. He thrives on attention so I ignore him.

I believe the next chap is Hannity of FOX. I like to retain my meals as long as possible so I avoid watching FOX - lest I hurl.

Chris Mathews - what a sad disappointment of a man. I remember watching his show one evening as he told someone that he did not subscribe to HBO because there were shows on there he did not want his kids seeing. I remember thinking what - TRUTH? How life really is?
Instead his kids get to watch him compromise his soul in front of the country, as he sells out himself and all of us for money. The list of right wing think tanks where he speaks for big $$$...
is just hitting the news. Like Joe Scarborough...he is another paid off hack of hubris. The wag the dog boys of treason who have sold the country for their own personal gain.

TV news lies has this to say:

Some of us knew. We knew about the Bush family and the bin Ladens. We knew about Halliburton and the Carlyle Group. We knew about the pipeline negotiations with the Taliban, and we knew about the PNAC warmongers. And some of us knew about the terrible casualties, both military and civilian, of the Bush wars. But most Americans did not. They had no clue.

From the first days of the Bush administration, the Internet was rife with alternative news sources that raised the issues, documented the truth, and exposed the culprits.

It was the corporate media that turned its back and cowered in deference to the Bush regime. It was the corporate media that withheld, distorted, manipulated and lied outright. It was the corporate media that cheered the push to war as they competed for its coverage and higher ratings. And it was the corporate media, tragically, to which most of the nation turned for its nightly news.

Tim Russett - GAWD night after night I would tune you in...thinking..tonight is the night he will ask the questions and blow Cheney away - he will call Cheney on his lying. NOPE, nada ..not a chance. Mr. SOFTBALL.

Thanks corporate media they could not have done this without YOU. Yes YOU personally.
You could resign and refuse to speak crap to the populace. You COULD resign and tell the truth enmasse.

You could ...


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