Sunday, March 12, 2006

Follow The Light - Let's Roll

This is NOT the light...nor is the misogynistic, homophobic Chris Mathews and his "daddy party" the GOP.

It is time for all people of integrity and courage to STAND and take back the country from corporate crime.

Some people of remarkable courage have been standing and speaking the truth throughout this
dark period of US history.

Rep. John Conyers

Shedding light on the criminal negligence of the Bush crime syndicate. He is also leading an impeachment drive.

Follow the light and stand with Rep. Conyers to restore democracy to America and prosecute the criminal corporate negligence in office.

People GET READY.... it is time to STIR IT UP (little darlin)

Bob's light will always shine wherever there is truth, integrity and the drive for freedom.

Cynthia McKinney, saw the entire scam from end to end (911) and was chastised when she stood to speak the truth.

While Bush placed a medal (of Freedom) around the neck of Tenet (for what - standing down for 9/11) ....TRUE patriots of the ilk of Paul Revere..
were shot down.

If America is to have freedom - first free yourself.

An excerpt Conyer's site

Conyers and Others To Hold Democratic Hearing OnDomestic Spying Program
Read transcript

Conyers Statement for Today's NSA Wiretap Hearings


CONCERNING IRAQ WARCalls for Censure of President Bush and Vice President Cheney
Read Conyers Press Release

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Fighting for Quality Healthcare

What I've been doing on Medicare part D

There is a very serious health care crisis in America that must be addressed now by the Congress and the President. Therefore, I have introduced HR 676, The United states National Health Insurance Act, (Medicare For All) to ensure that every American; regardless of income, employment status, or race, has access to the highest quality and affordable health care services possible.

To find out about HR 676, please click here.

Latest on Election Reform

Our country has just experienced the second consecutive presidential election where issues were raised concerning irregularities and improprieties. These irregularities have prompted Members on both sides of the aisle acknowledge that further reforms are needed to ensure that all of our citizens' rights to vote are protected.

Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio
Protecting Social Security

At a time of economic hopelessness, Americans rallied around the principle that one generation of Americans could and should take care of another. Today, Social Security has become the success story of federal programs – a stable, efficient and successful program on which 46 million Americans rely each year

To find out where I stand on protecting Social Security click here.

This is an official web site of the U.S. House of RepresentativesThe Honorable John Conyers,
JrRepresenting Michigan's 14th
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