Saturday, March 11, 2006

Repeating History - American Terror Comes Home to Roost

Like father - like son.

And they will do anything to acquire more oil - including stealing the rights to oil in another country.

Bush opted out of Intl court because Henry Kissinger is (one of) the most wanted war criminal in the world.

This entire Bush Administration should be tried for treason and if a real congress of statesmen(women) were sitting, Bush and Cheney would have been impeached L-ONG ago.

See the book by Christopher Hitchens - 'The Trial of Henry Kissinger' £15/$22 published by Verso. Hitchens' chilling account of this global 'luminary''s involvement in Indochina, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus, East Timor and Washington DC terrorist attacks presents what seems like a watertight case for Kissingers's prosecution.

Kissinger News:

Latest BBC news on Kissinger --- Latest other news on Kissinger

18Dec04 - Pacifica News - Teflon Tyrants: After Pinochet, Prosecute Kissinger

05Jun04 - New York Times - Kissinger accused of blocking scholar

09Jan04 - Henry Kissinger was on Europe1 radio station this morning

06Dec03 - Guardian - Kissinger approved Argentinian 'dirty war'

04Dec03 - The Times - Hollinger supported Kissinger magazine

13Dec01 - Asheville Global Report - Henry Kissinger and Gerald Ford Lied to the American Public about East Timor

02May03 - Minessota Star Tribune - Kissinger heaps praise on Bush

02May03 - Guardian - Ex-Kissinger partner to rule Iraq

30Apr03 - PR - Longtime Kissinger Deputy Joining Cohen Group

10Mar03 - Reuters - Kissinger joined Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst on European acquisitions

13Dec02 - Reuters - Kissinger resigns as head of Sept 11 commission

12Dec02 - WorkingForChange - The return of Cover-up Kissinger

12Dec02 - Guardian - Kissinger Promises No Conflict With Panel

30Nov02 - New York Times - The Kissinger Commission (Kissinger to head up S11 investigation!)

01Oct02 - Guardian - Britain accused of sacrificing new court

24Sep02 - Pakistan Daily Times - NYT twisted the hawk Kissinger into a fake dove

30Aug02 - Miami Herald - Argentina's 'dirty war' hounding Kissinger

22Jul02 - Der Speigel (translation) - Chile: Complaint against Kissinger

12Jun02 - Guardian - Kissinger may face extradition to Chile

31May02 -Reuters - Kissinger to advise Hicks Muse on Europe

23May02 - Workers' World - She defied Henry Kissinger

28Apr02 - Daily Telegraph - The doctor versus the judges

26Apr02 - Associated Press - Vietnam says Kissinger should bear responsibility for Vietnam War

25Apr02 - BBC - Kissinger's co-speakers at the Royal Albert Hall

25Apr02 - Independent - Henry Kissinger's speech to the Institute of Directors at the Albert Hall, London

18Apr02 - Guardian - Met asked to question Kissinger

18Apr02 -Pravda - Henry Kissinger, If You Want To Kill, Do It Fast

April 24 2002 protest rally as Kissinger dares to come to London

26Feb02 - Kissinger cancels Brazil visit to avoid protests

28Feb02 - Students protest as Kissinger visits Dublin college (2 articles and letters page)
21Feb02 - Kissinger Wiretaps to be released
16Feb02 - The Spectator - Kissinger addressed SAS at Stirling Lines HQ in January
03Nov01 - ABC - Humanitarians Pursue Kissinger for South American Murders
11Sep01 - BBC - Kissinger accused over Chile plotThese two stories appeared on 11th September 2001 - coincidence?11Sep01 - Washington Post - Family of Slain Chilean Sues Kissinger
09Sep01 - CBS - Family To Sue Kissinger For Death
05Jul01 - AP Newswire - Chile Judge May Question Kissinger
31May01 - Daily Telegraph - Kissinger Shuns Summons
29May01 - BBC - US bars Kissinger in Pinochet probe
The Book of Evidence against Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens
Research on Kissinger carried out by Trident Ploughshares 2000 the Bush crime does not have to look far to find an absolute mountain of evidence. As Jon Stewart said of Dick Cheney..." much power do you have to have to shoot a guy in the face..and the guy you"

I just wanta be around when enough people wake up and realize what this evil group of people have done, and continue to do while a criminal congress refuses to enforce the law.