Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Secret Saudi Flight

Veterans for Peace web site has an excellent article posted :

- an excerpt:

Among the portions of the report the administration refuses to declassify, sources say, are chapters dealing with two politically and diplomatically sensitive issues: the details of daily intelligence briefings given to Bush in the summer of 2001 and evidence pointing to Saudi government ties to Al Qaeda. Bush officials have taken such a hard line, sources say, that they are refusing to permit the release of matters already in the public domain -- including the existence of intelligence documents referred to on the CIA Web site.

As average citizens struggle to carry on their daily business and keep their blood pressure in check in the midst of a new "orange alert," Mr. Bush & Co. are still busy protecting their buddies in Saudi Arabia and lying to the American public.

Why can't we know the truth about who our enemies are, Mr. Bush?

One has to wonder when George W. said, "You're either with us or against us" - just exactly who he meant by "us." "Us" is beginning to look like a Bush-Saudi-Al Qaeda conspiracy, especially when one includes the well-known business ties between George H. W. Bush, James Baker, and the Bin Laden family through the infamous Carlyle Group.

In a scandal this potentially huge - one implicating the President's close family and family lawyer - shouldn't a Special Prosecutor be appointed? If the President was Bill Clinton, the family member was Hillary Clinton, and the family lawyer was Webster Hubbell, the media - not to mention the Republican Party - would be demanding a Special Prosecutor at the top of their lungs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even though the post-Watergate Special Prosecutor law was repealed after Ken Starr's legal lynching of President Clinton, pre-Watergate-style Special Prosecutors can still be appointed by the Attorney General.

But the Attorney General's lawyer on such sensitive matters is none other than James Baker. And with the media entirely "in-bed with" the Bush organized crime family, the term "Special Prosecutor" has been scrubbed from the media lexicon - and with it, the last hope for fighting corruption and deadly conspiracy at the very top of our government.

...more ..much more at the link

Years have gone by with always a Cheney, or a Rumsfeld or a Bush behind every war.

Poppy scored the first "war" against Iraq, sending Powell to tell the UN that Iraq had tanks lined up on the Kuwait border. (In truth there were no tanks and when the UN later discovered Powell's word was flawed...they were hesitant to believe Powell a second time without proof).

The WORLD also wound up paying for the entire
debacle the first time around...

From Left to Right.

Condi Rice the worst NSA advisor in the history of the USA. She lies like a broken record in complete concert with her boss.

Dick Cheney, aptly a real one.
The man who never has enough. Worth over 220 million PRIOR to being placed in the Vice Presidency he pushes on.

W. - - War criminal - it is genetic

Finally Rumsfeld, the most obvious of the five of six open psychopaths in this administration.

Ah yes the Saudis - always a war to finance...and always an American public to bilk to return the dough.

From the BCCI/ Savings and Loan scandal, to the rape of South America...this alliance has been around for YEARS.

Run your own search darlin, under "School of Americas" and see what shows up. The truth IS wrenching, given the load we've all been fed for years. Buck up though...fighting back is very rewarding and with
70% of the nation (USA) beginning to stand...we have only to wait for the so called "mainstream" media to catch up.


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