Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Toadies to Treason - a Pictorial

Below is a flow chart of Bush Crime Family Operations
(click to enlarge)

The is Bush Senior (George Herbert Walker), who ensured a number of Nazi Gestapo agents found a home in the CIA and continued to be protected by that agency as they implemented many Gestapo techniques at the TERROR school, the School of Americas, in Fort Benning, Florida.

Sold as being a war hero, CNN continually plays "Flyboy" to outline how they managed to create a hero out of Bush bailing, two men dying and Bush's survival somehow equating to hero status in WWII. (I'd just like to know why a camera crew was following him around to capture the event the day he bailed?)

Cheney and Rumsfeld (below) have been in EVERY GOP administration in the past sixty years and each time they start a war for profit. Lynne Cheney, (no conflict of interest there), sat on the board of Lockheed Martin for 16 years, and Cheney was already worth over 220 million in profits from the rape (by American / Arab oil cartels) of South America, the Balkans and Africa. A paid off news media prevents any news of what sadist American corporations DO worldwide.

as ever

we know George,
we have a fetish for bald men.


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