Sunday, July 06, 2008

See Dick, See George, Being Grateful for Vision

Well with 84% of Americans believing the USA is headed in the wrong direction, Dubya on the other hand believes everything he does is right.

Thanks George for making us ALL aware that neither you or Dick obey any laws. No American law, not the Geneva convention, no International law AND you practice torture, incarcerating illegally millions worldwide, there is no record of the abuse suffered by US occupied countries worldwide. While the Bush crime syndicate can claim responsibility for the deaths of millions from World War I with Samuel Bush, the Merchants of Death and Remington Arms, to Prescott Bush, Hitler's Angel who built the family's palatial estates on the profits from trading with the enemy, including having a company seized by the American government for those actions. We didn't know any of this information before George so thanks for opening our eyes and prompting us all to do additional research.

Along with finding the gems above in the U.S. National Archives, we have discovered through the Council of Canadians that the Prime Minsters and President of Canada, Mexico and the USA have secretly negotiated an agreement that merges Canada, Mexico and the USA. Operating as business CEO's for a private company, our elected leaders have met outside the boundaries of elected parliament and signed agreements that bind each nation. It is treason.

The clumsy, patronizing behavior of all three
"leaders", exposed this agreement, yet once again - law enforcement is nonexistent.

Remember the Missouri voting stations who were bombarded with Bushites handing out pamphlets stating a vote for Bush was a vote for God.

Some God eh.

Ah land reformation Mugabe Bush style, first you plan the disaster (by doing nothing to prepare levies) then you send in Blackwater to shoot looters (if in a neighborhood with a high majority of people of color that is). You are sooo clumsy doing this that everyone sees right through the operation down to "Brownie",
the incompetent Bushite who reached his peter principle, peaking at the worst possible moment.

Ah we still have the fascist, foils goosestepping to the Rove Reich, never quite seeming to find their bottom. (L-R...Rove, Falwell (now deceased), Robertson, and "Dr." Dobson..a doctor of divinity no doubt always more than willing to be a directive dean bent on controlling every aspect of human life.

Gosh and no list of gratitude would be complete without deceitful Dick, who has managed to bilk the American tax payer for over sixty l-ong years.
Wife Lynn sat on the board of Lockheed while Dick was in the White House ...starting wars with Reagan, and Nixon.

Thanks for shooting from the hip so often
Dick, it gives us a real clear shot of exactly who you are.

Thanks Dubya for exposing the fact that you do not obey any laws, nor has your enemy trading family for sixty years. When Dubya declared "war on terror", former CIA agent Robert Baer asked, "are we going to shoot ourselves, because we are the worldwide terrorists."

More than 84% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong directions. In spite of millions of emails and letters to congress to impeach and/or arrest Bush Cheney, a criminal congress continues to make a lot of noise and do nothing to bring this sordid lot to accountability.

Thanks Dick and George for confirming to the world that
you are both above the law, further that the law only applies to enemies of the Bush Cheney crime syndicate or those selling drugs that compete with the Bush CIA drug crops from Columbia and Afghanistan, which just had the largest poppy crop in history.

Not since Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Burma, Chile, Haiti,Cuba, the Phillipines, Gitmo, have so few done so much harm to so many.


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