Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Hampshire to Do A Hand Recount of Entire State

A reminder in frontal lobotomy America that Bush Senior pardoned Iran Contra TERRORISTS operating on behalf of the USA running drugs, murdering and running death squads. Heck the International Court ordered the USA to pay reparation payments to the country of Nicaragua for bombing it into antiquity. The Bush response - pull the USA from Intl Court.
So when the Bushs used the USA to declare "war on terror"...they really meant anyone competing with their drug trade cartel, or their sex trade cartel, or their international slave trade. Such a deal the CIA is the Bush Gang, controlling America assassinating presidents and working inside news agencies to control the output to you. SIXTY YEARS of the Bush barbarians controlling politicians, elections and wars. Have you had enough? Me too.

Well there is a small glimmer at the end of the tunnel and for a change it is not an on rushing Bush/Rove train of propaganda and bullshit to distract from this illegal, immoral, criminal and unconscious administration.

New Hampshire will actually do a HAND recount...yippee:

New Hampshire to Recount Ballots in Light of Controversy
By Kim Zetter January 11, 2008 4:37:15 PMCategories: E-Voting, Election '08
Both Republican and Democratic candidates have asked the state of New Hampshire to conduct a hand recount of all primary ballots statewide, citing internet rumors about vote discrepancies and voting machine fraud in the primary results.

Democratic presidential nominee candidate Kucinich was the first to make headlines in calling for a statewide recount of the Democratic primary results in response to the internet fury around a post made by a woman named Lori Price that someone made online that compares votes counted by optical scan machines made by Diebold Election Systems (now re-named Premier Election Solutions) to votes counted by hand. [Thanks to the reader below who wrote in to say that Price didn't create the site where the results appear.]
Today the New Hampshire secretary of state's office announced that Republican presidential nominee candidate Albert Howard also asked for a statewide recount of the Republican primary results.
The last time New Hampshire conducted a statewide recount of a presidential primary was in 1980.

Cynthia McKinney the ONLY elected official to challenge this thug Bush administration early on was dispatched from her district by DIEBOLD machines. She lost to a virtual newcomer who was an unknown entity. She has stated that Bush / Cheney stood down for 9/11, and published the record that shows Dyncorp receives directed contracts from the U. S. Government while they along with Halliburton are directly involved in the Internatinal SEX SLAVE TRADE. Of course the old boys in suits had to take her out for that.,
can't have the truth about how they really behave out there to contrast with their puerile piety.

Meanwhile the undoucheables truck on with the paid off RNC media, the corrupt Supreme Court complete with this thug and dead ender administration that congress is incapable of bringing to justice.

I guess all we want to know is WHO are the people doing the HAND recount and will there be observers from each camp?

Moreover since the Bush administration has not adhered to ANY law since their coronation one wonders when the next "terrorist attack" is coming so he can maintain power and attack Iran.

With the lame news media who clearly do not support a democracy, it could happen at any time and there is the real and present danger - within.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, now you have had your rant. What are you doing to change things???

11:44 AM  
Blogger Stealth Lesbian said...

I try to work within the serenity prayer, being a person in recovery that works best for me. I do not have the power to change the world myself, but perhaps by shedding light on what is really happening
we can collectively meet in our
desire to bring a change for the higher good.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
So my rant IS what I am doing.
Shedding light on what was heretofore not known, or blocked by the MSM.

10:02 AM  

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