Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Bush Cheney Occupation of America

When the president of the USA is sworn in s/he is not asked to swear to protect the country she is asked to swear to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION of the United States of America, which if anything, Bush has gutted.

A family devoid of character, conscience, honesty, integrity or true patriotism has destroyed the democratic state. Mugabe Bush is now the ruler of the USA, a terrorist committing land reformation (New Orleans) while his band of thugs and dead enders (Blackwater) arrives on the scene to kill any looters. Never mind feeding, clothing and caring for fellow citizens first they make sure nothing gets ripped off (by anyone but them).

Diebold voting machines decide the elections while minority voters are discouraged from voting, and the New Orleans populace is at risk of being totally disenfranched this s-election.

Obama gets a ahead in the polls and a little too much coverage of his hope for America and
bada bada bing New Hampshire is rigged by Diebold for Hillary...and not a murmur from Bush Broadcasting's operation mockingbird.

The world has proof that the USA has been engaged in a ongoing world war of literally terrorizing other countries so they can steal their natural resources. From South America, to the Phillipines to Asia the USA has behaved like Nazi Germany.

Do they sign agreements to ensure the people of any given country are reimbursed for the rip off of their natural resources. Naw they never had to at home and the people have been raped and robbed blind of their own land, their own oil and any other resource that should belong to ALL Americans, has become the sole property of a few rich, bastards who have and continue to behave as psychopaths all over the world.

There is nothing good, or decent or kind about US foreign policy. It is a policy that demands every country sell its natural resources - cheap - to monster oil companies who hire the local milita to oppress the people. From Kenya, to Burma, to South America to Texas, scratch the surface and underneath is an American oil company using the mercenaries to drive countries into a state of anarchy, while the oil, diamonds and anything else go out the back door.

AND they have been at it for awhile. How long has the USA been without habeas corpus,..really...I mean in a country of over 300 million people why is that the same cretins show up in every RNC administration (and yes men like Powell who will do and say up in them all. Just following orders, presumably any personal integrity squashed - allowing their honor to be used)

Cheney is a psychopath is Bush, NEITHER have done ONE thing that has benefited America. BOTH Should be tried for treason and placed in Gitmo for life.

Recommended reading:

- the American consitution (they have destroyed)
- the Declaration of Independence (make a copy so we can have it on hand when we mass as citizens to arrest these thugs)

Ah two mafia bosses hug....soooo much to be grateful for eh...

War, war and more war...thanks to the unevolved, cretins of commerce.

Seig does it feel Mr. Lieberman to be in bed with the family who helped Auschwitz kill so many of your people. Politics does make strange bedfellows, certainly devoid of conscience bedfellows.

I guess we could use Bush for one thing...recognizing fellow psychopaths. I mean he did say he looked deeply into the eyes of Putin and saw his soul . (Sorry that always sends me into gales of laughter it was more likely like looking in the mirror). I doubt Bush would or could see or recognize a real soul if he saw one...he has been devoid of his (soul) for so long he is a like a walking empty suit, a fabrication of a human being. He and Cheney are the empty suits of all time, the bottomless pit of greed that can never be filled because the paranoid fear and corruption that drives them is limitless. While an entire society presumably based on law, watches them behave like the lawless lechers they are, repeating the SNL scam that bankrupted America under Poppy, their treason trots on unabated, unchecked, unbalanced and unreported.


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