Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tories Try Tom Delay Corrupt Gerrymandering

One among many of the criminal reasons behind the RNC rigging of elections, was the gerrymandering of Texas, where numerous new ridings were created in Republican country. Thus it is with considerable concern in Canada:

Tory plan would create 22 new ridings, but nobody knows just where
Last Updated: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 7:44 PM ET
CBC News
A federal government bill introduced Wednesday would add 22 seats to the House of Commons — 10 in Ontario, seven in British Columbia and five in Alberta — but would not dictate where the new ridings go within those provinces

Where they show up may change political fortunes, but it won't happen until well into the next decade, after the 2011 census (LOCKHEED MARTIN designed and built) and an elaborate boundary-drawing process.
Government House Leader Peter Van Loan introduced the redistribution proposal in May, but it died when Parliament was prorogued in September. It was tabled again on Wednesday.(Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)
By law, redistribution is handled by a three-member Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission set up for each province. The chairman is usually a judge appointed by the provincial chief justice; the other members are appointed by the speaker of the House, currently Liberal Peter Milliken

(Schreiber and Mulroney who knew each other for years.)
The commissions hold public hearings, pore over maps and redraw boundaries across each province in an effort to balance riding populations. If the past is a guide, few of the 308 existing ridings will emerge without changes.
An Elections Canada official, John Enright, stressed on Wednesday that the commissions are independent of the government. MPs can comment on the lines drawn, but the commissions have the final say, he told CBC News Online.

Even so, there will be intense political interest in whether new ridings show up in strongholds of a particular party — in suburban and rural areas where the governing Conservatives tend to do better, for example, or in downtown neighbourhoods where Liberals and New Democrats have more support.
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I note Conrad Black posing here as a Cardinal with wife Marie appropriate... has had his sentencing delayed.
Are they looking for just the "right" judge?

It is quite a world isn't it? The crooks are running our countries - out in the open - bold as brass. Congress is unable to enforce the law and arrest the treason in office and in Canada we have a goon who thinks the Bush administration, the Council of National Policy and the religious right are a "shining light."

Let's keep the heat and light on these manipluating mutants of human beings, until we bring their sorry asses to justice and kick them out of our democratic government.

We need to watch this process like hawks lest it turn into the Texas two step to treason that has become the USA.


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