Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taser Death Shames Canada Before the World

Questions hang over taser death
He spent 10 hours frustrated by airport bureaucracy. Just 24 seconds later, police shot him with tasers AND IT IS JUST HITTING CBC TV national NEWS THIS WEEK - a MONTH later?


From Friday's Globe and Mail
October 26, 2007 at 3:19 AM EST

VANCOUVER — Dazed and confused after more than 15 hours of travel, unable to communicate in English and scared because he couldn't find his mother, Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was jolted by a taser just 24 seconds after being confronted by police in Vancouver International Airport.

That allegation was made Thursday by a lawyer for Mr. Dziekanski's family who says video evidence will show that the RCMP took him down with a taser jolt moments after approaching him.

Mr. Dziekanski arrived at about 3 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 14.
"He made his way to primary customs in the ordinary fashion … he went through there in the normal time frame … he then proceeded through and was directed to secondary customs, which is normal for someone who doesn't speak English and is immigrating to the country," Mr. Kosteckyj said. His papers were in order and he proceeded without difficulty.
But what happened after that was far from normal. For nearly 10 hours, Mr. Dziekanski stayed in the Arrivals Hall, growing increasingly frustrated and eventually becoming frantic.
Outside, in the public area, his mother spent nearly six hours pacing the corridors and, in broken English, asking airport officials for help in locating her son.
Mr. Kosteckyj said she visited one booth in international arrivals "at least three to four times and conveyed to them that she was concerned about her son being in the area and she wanted to get a message to him and how could she do that? They wrote her name down and said that they would make inquiries."
At about 10 p.m., she was told he wasn't there. She made the long drive home, only to find a phone message waiting, saying her son had been found.


"She called back to immigration when she got in, which would have been around 2 a.m., and spoke to someone there and was advised that her son was somewhere in the area and was fine. And she advised, you know, 'Please take care of him because he can't speak English and I'll get there as soon as I can.' And of course he had died, been killed really, some time on or about 1 or 1:30," Mr. Kosteckyj said.
At a news conference, Ms. Cisowski said she had dreamed of opening a small business in Kamloops with her son. "I've lost my only family," she said. "I studied English during the day and at night I saved money to get my son to Canada."
Mr. Dziekanski arrived with three bags, two of which were filled with geography books.


This is so sad, so incredibly tragic for this Mom, and just before Christmas too. I watched th video of this event that had been completely recorded inthe Vancouver Airport and it is chilling to watch the police walk around this man as if he is some sort of alien. Instead of trying to see what the man is saying or finding someone (at an international airport) who can speak his language they basically murdered him out of their own paranoia. Who trains these thugs and why are they given the power of judge, jury and executioner? Is this our new Harper police state, or new justice system?

Where do the tasers come from?

The US police state we are in bed with ..the Harper's "shining light"

Ah here is George's boy now... award in hand. What was that for Steve, the billion from the softwood lumber deal...the slush fund with our money?


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