Sunday, September 23, 2007

"We Do Not Torture" - What Else Are They Lying About?

George Bush, Deceiver in Chief (DIC)
repeatedly states:

"We do not torture."

Really mr. bush?

Published on Friday, June 8, 2007 by the Guardian/UK

CIA Ran Secret Prisons for Detainees in Europe, Says Inquiry
by Stephen Grey
The CIA operated secret prisons in Europe where terrorism suspects could be interrogated and were allegedly tortured, an official inquiry will conclude today.
Despite denials by their governments, senior Polish and Romanian security officials have confirmed to the Council of Europe that their countries were used to hold some of America’s most important prisoners captured after 9/11 in secret.
None of the prisoners had access to the Red Cross and many were subject to what George Bush has called the CIA’s “enhanced” interrogation, which critics have condemned as torture. Although suspicions about the secret CIA prisons have existed for more than a year, the council’s report, seen by the Guardian, appears to offer the first concrete evidence. It also details the prisons’ operations and the identities of some of the prisoners.
CIA ran secret prisons for detainees in Europe, says inquiry. (End of Guardian article)
The 19-month inquiry by the council, which promotes human rights across Europe, was headed by Dick Marty, a Swiss senator and former state prosecutor. He said: “What was previously just a set of allegations is now proven: large numbers of people have been abducted from various locations across the world and transferred to countries where they have been persecuted and where it is known that torture is common practice.”
His report says there is “now enough evidence to state that secret detention facilities run by the CIA [existed] in Europe from 2003 to 2005, in particular in Poland and Romania”. Mr Marty has told Channel 4’s Dispatches, in a report to be broadcast on Monday, that the jails were run “directly and exclusively” by the CIA. This was only possible because of “collaboration at various institutional levels of America’s many partner countries”.
But Mr Marty concluded: “All the members and partners of NATO signed up to the same permissive - not to say illegal - terms that allowed CIA operations to permeate throughout the European continent and beyond …” There was no immediate comment from Nato....

end of article

Canadian forces are operating in Afghanistan under a NATO mandate - NOT a a UN mandate and NOT as peacekeepers. Our country is part of this.

The Bush/Cheney collection of thugs and dead enders "believe" something is true simply because they say it.
There could not be a clearer picture of manipulative, psychopaths devoid of the essence that makes us human and humane - empathy.

Sadly, our country - Canada - is now following this criminal, devoid of ethics gang right off a cliff.


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