Friday, September 14, 2007

The Evil "Elite"

Just as the Catholic Church aided and abetted Adolf Hitler, the Evangelical right wing of America has supported George W. Bush over country, over God and the law.

The Bush / Cheney clan have been instrumental in war profiteering - including selling to both sides for over sixty years.

The current occupation of Iraq is illegal, immoral and an act of genocide under the Nuremberg Laws established after the American funded Nazi genocide of WWII. As usual everyone but the American firms and families who funded the
murder of millions were prosecuted in their stead.

Karl Rove exemplifies the thinking of this inhumane group of people who dare call themselves "elite."
There is nothing brilliant about Karl, he is a criminal and is able to break the law and get away with it in such a breathtaking way everyone calls it brilliant. Enforce the law and suddenly like the cruel, meanspirited thug and dead ender he is - is Karl Rove.

For the past sixty years the USA has been under a corporate criminal coup with the President and vice President mere capos of commerce - Disagree and they assassinate you - remember Kennedy.

From the Mugabe Bush land reform of New Orleans to the totalitarian implemented war in Iraq, and two rigged elections this clown is the most obvious of the lot who have played president in the past thirty years, and I guess we have this thug to thank for that, not many have been this clumsy or boorish, at least not in my lifetime.

This president and his administration are psychopaths, as is the business coup who support them. America is and will continue to be a De MOCK cracy under criminal corporate rule until these cretins and cowards are arrested and brought to justice. The future of the world depends on America waking up and taking the country back from organized crime - the Bush / Cheney corporate crime syndicate.

The Bushs acquired 80,000 hectacres of land in Paraguay and their paramilitary have been crawling all over it. Do they plan to escape to South America like the the Nazis after WWII? Surely the bilking of America is almost complete?


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