Thursday, September 20, 2007

The GenUwine "Dubya"

George (uninvited) fondles the neck of the leader of Germany.

Well he did remind us (today) that he got "C's (wonder how much that cost) and he is afterall president, (proving you can buy anything in America)

I see Whitehouse callboy Gannon is back in business and wonder if anyone is checking the Whitehouse log as to his ahem, comings and goings. Since he was a right wing media plant who embarassed the RNC/GOP and president by also having a gay porn site one would think the media would be chasing that story at least. Ah well corporate media is what it is.

Meanwhile the relationship with Bandar Bush and Saudi Arabia has all but faded into the background. Funny that, when 16 of 19 terrorists from 911 were from Saudi Arabia. Didn't Bush Inc just sell the Saudis 23 BILLION in military gear and Israel of course 35.

Meanwhile depleted uranium is used extensively throughout Iraq,... the Agent Orange of this occupation. The US media continue to illegally, immorally and criminally support this administration of death.


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