Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Lie Continues

Working for Change hosts an excellent article by Robert Scheer entitled, " The General Lies".

An excerpt:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The General Lies

Of course Gen. David Petraeus predicts success in the Iraq war. What wonders couldn't generals achieve with more troops and more time? The battle is always going well until it is lost, and then they blame defeat on the politicians and the public.
There's no shortage of retired generals who will tell you we could have won in Vietnam, if only we had sent more troops, or bombed the dikes in the North, or been willing to kill more than the 3.4 million Vietnamese who died along with 59,000 American soldiers. Instead, the politicians and public, led by that bleeding heart President Richard Nixon, lost the will to win. Thus, the dominos fell to communism, and Red China and Red Vietnam now rule the world by dint of military force. Have you been to Wal-Mart lately? The triumph of communism is total. ...further,

....Perhaps that is why this week's ABC-BBC poll shows that 70 percent of Iraqis believe security has deteriorated since the surge and that 60 percent believe attacks on U.S. forces are justified. And 93 percent of Sunnis, whom the general and ambassador claim are joining our side, want to see us dead. As for optimism, only 29 percent of Iraqis now think the situation will get better, as opposed to 64 percent who shared that optimism before the surge -- which almost 70 percent of Iraqis believe has "hampered conditions for political dialogue, reconstruction and economic development."
So, ambassadors and generals lie. Get used to it.
The complete article is at:

The only thing missing from this web of hypocrisy is the American media's complicity to block the truth from the public.
Indeed out of the peoples' house you thugs and dead enders of humanity. Those of you who have corrupted the electoral system, taken bribes from corporate America and raped our respective countries - be gone.
Go to your 80,000 acres in Paraguay mr. Bush and take Cheney, Stephen Harper and Howard from Australia with you. Perhaps there you can strut about in paramilitary uniform and impress someone as to your manhood (or the lack thereof).

No doubt mr. Gannon can be your new press secretary as you slide down the scale of an OJ Simpson style presidency.

At the Nuremberg Trials in Germany after WWII, many Americans held the Nazis in contempt for their inability to accept responsibility and insistence on every occasion that "they were just following orders."

I like what Etta James has to say in "Trust Yourself",

"if you do what your told
you better watch whose doin the tellin,

if you buy what your sold
you better know what their sellin"


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