Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Typical American Coup

We need to remind the public of what America leaves behind in every invasion and occupation:

A Typical American Coup
John Horvath 02.03.2004

When it comes to removing heads of state by indirect means, the US still has what it takes to get the job done
Jean Bertrand Aristide has finally fled Haiti -- again. Meanwhile, the mainstream press the world over focuses on the anarchy that has engulfed the tiny Caribbean nation. Yet most reports merely skim the surface. There was talk of rebel advances, people with guns, looting, revenge attacks, etc. What was missing was one simple question: what was the uprising all about? Perhaps the reason why journalists, especially those from the US and other "allied" countries, failed to dig deep into what was going on is because they know what they would find: that the US was behind the ugly overthrow of a democratically elected government, a move akin to the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990. (Well actually more akin to the American invasion of Iraq in the 1990s and today, especially since the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam was later proven to be cooked up by the Americans and the world was taken to war based on the lies of Colin Powell - then as now. )

Over 700,000 Iraqi civilians are dead, liberated from life and their country by an invading and occupying military from America. This is a war crime under the Nuremberg laws. Let us hold this scum accountable America.

The axis of evil for three generations of war profiteering, lies and greed.

Which country has actually used an atom bomb?

Which country has used agent orange in the murder of over three million Vietnamese in that invasion?

Which country invaded and overthrew an elected president in Chile? (Bush's Blackwater boys training the death and torture squads throughout South America)


Who is worse Iran or the USA?

Both countries torture, posture and act like complete cretins on the world stage while pretending to be decent examples of their respective religions at home. What utter farce - false prophets, politicans and pimps have more in common with these thugs.

There is no rule of law in the USA the country is run by thugs and dead enders with a legacy of raping, pillaging and torturing all over the world, while acting holier than thou at home.


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