Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bush's Homeboy Harper Set to Lie at the UN

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Federal body accuses government of inflating its climate-change plan

Alexander Panetta, THE CANADIAN PRESS

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper's climate-change plan was shredded by his own government's environment watchdog just as the prime minister prepared to trumpet it at a United Nations conference next week.
An Environment Canada body gave a passing grade to zero of nine programs in the Conservative climate-change plan and accused the government of exaggerating its potential impact.

The National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy also accused the government of using misleading methods to arrive at false conclusions, such as double-accounting.
The report comes at a less-than-ideal moment for the prime minister, who heads to New York on Monday to deliver a speech before 80 world leaders about his approach to climate change.
The report accuses his government of "systematic" exaggeration, "double-accounting," "not accurately reflecting" emissions reductions, "important inconsistency," and "overestimated" reductions.

Like the cretin to whom mr. Harper reports, he is a liar.
Harper is a Christian fundamentalist who believes the far right of the USA to be his "shining light." Apparently lying is part of this religion because it surely is practiced with a vengeance against their own countries and people. SHAME mr. Harper - shame - this is disgusting beyond words, especially after your ignoble vote against the indigenous people of the world. You Sir are a disgusting, example of American shock and awe. You do not even try to represent your own country's values.

Harper selling our country into servitude through the SPP and illegal, immoral takeover of Canada without so much as a vote in paraliament. It is called treason.

If we remain silent this is what we will have to rule us - forever. STAND. No more - not now - not ever. END THIS DAMN LYING.


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