Thursday, September 20, 2007

SPP Sucks Canada Further Into Criminal Corporate Web

The Council of Canadians has been doing a valiant job in the face of minimal media coverage of the criminal corporate coup attempting a complete takeover of North America, having already sacked the USA.


Deep Integration: SPP PROTEST
Written by Victoria Chapter, Council of Canadians
Tuesday, 07 August 2007
(For another report on this action with photos, click here.)

August 20, 2007

Over 130 people walked, some taking their bikes, carrying placards, to five leading media sites in Victoria today to show concern about the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) being negotiated behind closed doors in Montebello, PQ, where the "three amigos", Stephen Harper, George Bush, and Felipe Calderón, are meeting with the CEOs of North America's largest corporations. At each media outlet, a delegation, organized by the Victoria Chapter of the Council of Canadians, attempted to meet with representatives from the various media, including The Times Colonist, CH Television, CBC Radio, A-Channel, and the Black Press/Monday Magazine group. The delegation assembly was composed of Victorians of every age group, and all walks of life. Many were dressed in black and had their mouths covered with bandanas or taped over to indicate how the media has negligently kept the public in the dark about the SPP since 2005 when it was first proposed in Waco, Texas by the three amigos and thirty CEO's of large corporations.

Gordon Campbell, another Bush admirer, working on his merit badge for Bush promotion no doubt. Nice job Gordie!

The delegation's concern is that the media has been silent on the SPP, and that the SPP deserved much more media attention considering the serious impacts it potentially has on Canadian sovereignty and democracy. These concerns include a proposed military security perimeter around North America controlled by the US (preceded by an already active no-fly list and biometric ID cards for "easing border crossing"), pressure for Canada to join US military adventures, and a lowering of environmental, food safety and health care standards to create a “level playing field” for US corporations (leading to less stringent regulations in this country).

The SPP has opened the door to bulk water sales to the US and a common currency called the Amero (to which Bank of Canada President David Dodge has already given the green light). Fran Thoburn of the Council of Canadians, Ben Isit, former candidate for Victoria Municipal Council, and Bo Filter, author of “The Cause of War and Aggression”, met with various media representatives and received mixed responses: CH TV and the A-Channel sent camera men out to film the crowd as well as interview the spokespeople. Both aired parts of these interviews that evening. The Times Colonist was unable to find anyone to speak to us, even though this had been arranged in advance. CBC had no one available to interview us, but the station manager had a long conversation with Bo Filter about CBC's coverage of the SPP.
Black Press insisted they covered only local issues. We pointed out how the SPP can be very local. Monday Magazine had already had small articles about the SPP for the past two weeks; we left Andrew McLeod with an information package for more in depth information. This package was left at the other outlets as well. CFAX, seeing us in front of Black Press, crossed the street and interviewed Bo. The delegation strongly relayed the message that the media has been unfairly silent on the SPP until three days before the summit, when articles began to appear about the proposed protests happening in Montebello. This has left the public in the dark about the contents of the SPP agreement, but very aware of the massive security, and noisy protests at the summit site.
Victoria Council of Canadians SPP Delegation Organizing Committee
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SPP: Security and Prosperity Partnership Leaders Summit
Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has gagged his cabinet ministers, and has silenced the truth about the SPP – which is being implemented without any public or parliamentary scrutiny. This meeting, which took place behind “closed doors” is about eliminating Canada’s ability to set its own independent regulatory standards, environmental protection measures, energy security, foreign, military, immigration and a frighteningly wide range of other policies.

It is a secret deal, being made between US, Canadian and Mexican leaders with much input and influence from corporate big business and the military establishment.
If it goes through, it will allow bulk sales and export of our water.
It has reduced the safety standards of pesticides on our food. We will now buy foods with more pesticides, not less.
The no-fly list is part of the continental security plan put forward by the US.
It will be impossible for Canada to lower its global warming carbon emissions as the Alberta Tar Sands oil extraction is increased five-fold to supply US demands for energy.
SPP will pressure Canada into endorsing US foreign policy and fighting US wars.
Our elected officials were not told about this, nor were they given an opportunity to discuss it.
For a video of the following event, click here..
Connie Fogel, Canada Action Party
Bo Filter, author
Denise Savoie, NDP MP
Bob Hansen, Council of Canadians, Nanaimo Chapter
Learn about the SPP, which will destroy the right to keep our sovereignty free and clear, protecting our resources from contamination and commodification.
Sponsored by The Greater Victoria Seniors, together with the Victoria Peace Coalition and the Council of Canadians.
Our country under the criminal complicity of the conservative party and Stephen Harper, is following a criminal American administration in merging our countries and operating a corporate coup outside the parliamentary process and our elected representatives, who have become nothing but paid off hacks of corporate fascism.

Here we stand,
our integrity, our lives, our country - verses the Bush fascist overlords.

This guy looks like he could use some help. Let us all show up for each other because the people in office are certainly not for us or our respective countries.

Remember Rachel Corrie, the Israelis drove a bulldozer over top of her they were so afraid of her single unarmed protest ! Think what millions of us could do.