Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why McKinney Matters

My pledge for president, Timbre' Wolf, has written a factual, flowing account of Cynthia McKinney:

13 December 2006

by Timbre' Wolf, Contributing writer for AnaiRhoads.org
AnaiRhoads.org -

Who is Cynthia McKinney?

The answer might surprise you!
I promise that I will answer the question but first let me say this:

Cynthia McKinney, who has just introduced a bill to impeach the president, is the only congressperson in the House of "Representatives" who "represents" me, and the 51% of Americans who want Bush impeached, as well as the 70+% of Americans who believe that Dubya is on the WRONG path.

And let me paint a picture for you: If the House of "Representatives" were to impeach George W. Bush, as well as Dick Cheney (remember that ALL of the president's men can be impeached), and if Bush and Cheney are relegated to their rightful place as Constitution dismantling war criminals, then the Speaker of the House becomes the next president. In the new session, starting in January, that will be Nancy Pelosi.
Now Nancy is a moderate who, it seems to me, is reasonable and bright - if nearly deaf to the will of the American people (we want impeachment Nancy !)

As if you need reminding, George W. Bush has violated the Constitution of the United States on at least two occasions. Federal Judge Anita Diggs Taylor has ruled that his use of wiretaps without a warrant is both illegal and unconstitutional. The Supreme Court as made the same ruling regarding Bush's torture and detainment programs at our military base in Guantanamo Bay. And remember that two of those judges were appointed by Dubya himself. (When will congress enforce the law and hold this president accountable? ...sorry Stealth mouthing off)
A year and two months ago Cynthia McKinney used the word impeachment on the House Floor. The "official" Congressional Record transcript is notably missing that word. She was, in fact, censored.
The Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, told McKinney, "it is out of order to question the President's motives." McKinney fired back, "I did not question his 'motives,' I questioned his ACTIONS." She went on to say that she questioned Bush's cutting the budget of some of our 'safety net' programs - such as those for the poor, the elderly, and our Veterans - and his rewarding a tiny fraction of the amount requested by Corps of Engineers to fix the levees in New Orleans (both years prior to Hurricane Katrina) and his subsequent inaction during the deadly aftermath of the hurricane."

taking his role as Speaker of the House to ever higher levels of control (censorship), took the unprecedented action of cutting the House microphone during McKinney's speech.
McKinney has repeatedly made attempts to challenge the legitimacy of Bush's "election" but they have fallen on deaf ears.
McKinney said, "Bush has violated his oath of office to defend the Constitution and the nation's laws."
In the bill, she states that Bush misled Congress on the war in Iraq and has violated privacy laws with his domestic spying program. Remember that Federal Court Judge Anita Diggs Taylor has agreed and called Bush's use of wiretaps, "illegal and unconstitutional."
McKinney has correctly accused her party's leaders of kowtowing to Republicans on the Iraqi war and on torture of military prisoners.

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Like McKinney most of us are becoming aware that something is rotten and it is in the White House. McKinney matters because she is a voice among us who is standing not asking what her country can do for her, she is instead acting for her country. If anything she is a rose among thorns, let us nurture her courage and and add volume to her voice. What courage it must have taken to stand in the face of this criminal, mean spirited, gang of thugs and dead enders.


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