Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bush Lies Freedom Fries

Ok vendors let's start a market survey of how many people buy Freedom Fries that free us from Bushite lies?

You can only use real potatoes, grown in the USA (in Canada if you live here), because that is freedom Honey. Buying and selling from one another - not being forced to buy from one big global supplier.

Indeed the Manchurian/Saudi Candidate in office is on the take from them all whose side is he on?

So if congress is knuckling under to this criminal - they too are on the take. Let's impeach the lot, state by state. There are about 200 million out of three hundred million Americans who disagree adamantly with this placed, illegal presidency, while the whole world is beyond dismay and disgust.

The media have blocked the true history of the Bush family from day one.
  1. They are the not so Swift Boat Veterans who smeared Kerry, a decorated war veteran, twisting his protest of the Viet Nam war to be cowardice. A war proven to be unwinnable, Viet Nam was still escalated
  2. until Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon staff went public with the "Pentagon Papers." One wonders if this Supreme Court would support such a patriot today. The Pentagon Papers proved the administration was pursuing an unwinnable war for industry.

THAT is beyond cynical..and the plan to treat the populace of a country in locksteop with this evil family - is TREASON.

When we finally bring these bastards to justice, lets remember the betrayal of the media - it could not be more profound.


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