Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wag The Dog Media Mute on Poppy's Pardons

Lest CNN start playing their by now infamous swarmy film of George H.W. Bush Senior bailing during WWII, which somehow managed to make him a war hero (in spite of the fact that two men died when he bailed). Let us take a walk down the lane of factual knowledge. Bush pardoned an entire crime syndicate developed by the CIA (without congressional approval) and used to commit acts of terror throughout South America.

(How do these guys get in power without their past behavior and that of their parents being scrutinized by the press?)

Look at this article at:

Part of the free ride enjoyed by George Bush during the 1988 elections is reflected in the fact that at no point in the campaign was there any serious effort by any of the so-called news organizations to provide the public with something approaching an accurate and complete account of his political career. At least two biographies of Dukakis appeared which, although hardly critical, were not uniformly laudatory either. But in the case of Bush, all the public could turn to was Bush's old 1980 campaign biography and a newer campaign autobiography, both of them a tissue of lies.
Early in the course of our research for the present volume it became apparent that all books and most longer articles dealing with the life of George Bush had been generated from a single print-out of thoroughly sanitized, approved and canonically admitted "facts" about Bush and his family. We learned that during 1979-1980, Bush aide Pete Roussel attempted to recruit biographers to prepare a life of Bush based on a collection of press releases, news summaries, and similar pre-digested material. Most biographical writing about Bush consists merely of the points from this printout, strung out chronologically and made into a narrative through the interpretation of comments, anecdotes, embellishments, or special stylistic devices.

or, from Webster Tarpley, "The Unauthorized Biography of George W. Bush",

George Bush:

The Unauthorized Biography --- by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

Chapter -XVIII- Iran- Contra

"What pleases the prince has the force of law.''--Roman law

"As long as the police carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally.''-- Gestapo officer Werner Best

We cannot provide here a complete overview of the Iran-Contra affair. We shall attempt, rather, to give an account of George Bush's decisive, central role in those events, which occurred during his vice-presidency and spilled over into his presidency. The principal elements of scandal in Iran-Contra may be reduced to the following points:

1) the secret arming of the Khomeini regime in Iran by the U.S. government, during an official U.S.-decreed arms embargo against Iran, while the U.S. publicly denounced the recipients of its secret deliveries as terrorists and kidnappers--a policy initiated under the Jimmy Carter presidency and accelerated by the Reagan-Bush administration;

2) the Reagan-Bush administration's secret arming of its "Contras '' for war against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, while such aid was explicitly prohibited under U.S. law;

3) the use of communist and terrorist enemies--often armed directly by the Anglo-Americans--to justify a police state and covert, oligarchical rule at home;

4) paying for and protecting the gun-running projects with drug- smuggling, embezzlement, theft by diversion from authorized U.S. programs, and the `` silencing '' of both opponents and knowledgeable participants in the schemes; and

5) the continual, routine perjury and deception of the public by government officials pretending to have no knowledge of these activities; and the routine acquiescence in that deception by Congressmen too frightened to oppose it.

When the scandal broke, in late 1986 and early 1987, George Bush maintained that he knew nothing about these illegal activities; that other government officials involved in them had kept him in the dark; that he had attended no important meetings where these subjects were under discussion. Since that time, many once- classified documents have come to light, which suggest that Bush organized and supervised many, or most, of the criminal aspects of the Iran-Contra adventures. The most significant events relevant to George Bush's role are presented here in the format of a chronology. At the end of the chronology, parts of the testimony of George Bush's loyal assistant Donald Gregg will be provided, to allow for a comparison of the documented events with the Bush camp's account of things. Over the time period covered, the reader will observe the emergence of new structures in the U.S. government:
The `` Special Situation Group, '' together with its subordinate `` Standing Crisis Pre-Planning Group '' (May 14, 1982).
The `` Crisis Management Center '' (February 1983).
The `` Terrorist Incident Working Group '' (April 3, 1984).
The `` Task Force on Combatting Terrorism '' (or simply Terrorism Task Force) (July 1985
...The "Operations Sub-Group '' (January 20, 1986). These were among the official, secret structures of the U.S. government created from 1982 through 1986. Other structures, whose existence has not yet come to light, may also have been created--or may have persisted from an earlier time. Nothing of this is to be found in the United States Constitution. All of these structures revolved around the secret command role of the then-Vice President, George Bush. The propaganda given out to justify these changes in government has stressed the need for secrecy to carry out necessary covert acts against enemies of the nation (or of its leaders). Certainly, a military command will act secretly in war, and will protect secrets of its vulnerable capabilities. But the Bush apparatus, within and behind the government, was formed to carry out covert policies: to make war when the constitutional government had decided not to make war; to support enemies of the nation (terrorists and drug-runners) who are the friends or agents of the secret government. In the period of the chronology, there are a number of meetings of public officials-- secret meetings. Who really made the policies, which were then well or poorly executed by the covert action structure? By looking at the scant information that has come to light on these meetings, we may reach some conclusions about who advocated certain policy choices; but we have not then learned much about the actual origin of the policies that were being carried out. This is the rule of an oligarchy whose members are unknown to the public, an oligarchy which is bound by no known laws.

January 20, 1981:

Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as U.S. President.

March 25, 1981:

Vice President George Bush was named the leader of the United States "crisis management '' staff, "as a part of the National Security Council system. ''

March 30, 1981:
The new President was shot in an attempted assassination. He survived his wounds, so Vice President Bush did not succeed to the presidency.

May 14, 1982:

Bush's position as chief of all covert action and de facto head of U.S. intelligence--in a sense, the acting President--was formalized in a secret memorandum. The memo explained that `` National Security Decision Directive 3, Crisis Management, establishes the Special Situation Group (SSG), chaired by the Vice President. The SSG is charged ... with formulating plans in anticipation of crises. '' It is most astonishing that, in all of the reports, articles and books about the Iran-Contra covert actions, the existence of Bush's SSG has received no significant attention. Yet its importance in the management of those covert actions is obvious and unmistakable, as soon as an investigative light is thrown upon it. The memo in question also announced the birth of another organization, the Standing Crisis Pre-Planning Group (CPPG), which was to work as an intelligence-gathering agency for Bush and his SSG. This new subordinate group, consisting of representatives of Vice President Bush, National Security Council (NSC) staff members, the CIA, the military and the State Department, was to `` meet periodically in the White House Situation Room.... '' They were to identify areas of potential crisis and `` [p]resent ... plans and policy options to the SSG '' under Chairman Bush. And they were to provide to Bush and his assistants, " as crises develop, alternative plans, '' " action/options '' and "coordinated implementation plans '' to resolve the " crises. '' Finally, the subordinate group was to give to Chairman Bush and his assistants " recommended security, cover, and media plans that will enhance the likelihood of successful execution. '' It was announced that the CPPG would meet for the first time on May 20, 1982, and that agencies were to `` provide the name of their CPPG representative to Oliver North, NSC staff.... '' The memo was signed `` for the President '' by Reagan's national security adviser, William P. Clark. It was declassified during the congressional Iran-Contra hearings.

Now don't ya think if Clinton's father had been a president with this record that the press would have cremated him before he got out of the gate? But this information did not come up in the election campaign, along with the entire history of fascist, criminal behavior and greed this family has inflicted on America for over sixty years. The news media of America better make up their minds if they want to support treason or their own country. It is criminally negligent to have this information overlooked in discussing this placed president's potention pardon of Liddy.

This WAG THE DOG production of fascism, of the GOP, for the GOP by the GOP is patently criminal. The press so blatently omits the truth about this horrid family, that they are criminally complicit in the downfall of America. The press has assisted in the placement of a shadow criminal government. Elections are total fraud with corporate America presenting a run off of candidates bought and paid for well in advance. They represent the current distraction from an illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq, where over 600,000 have been killed, mostly children. The media deliberately does not show photos of the "war" (some call it genocide), or mention that the CIA starts a civil war in every country corporate America invades - it is the American way of operating and the proof is visible all around the world from the Phillipines, to Iraq, to the Honduras.

The USA is a corporate Gulag where directed contracts are given to Halliburton regardless of public complaint. Dyncorp continues to deal in the sex trade and world slave trade, - without press coverage or complaint. To the contrary Cynthia McKinney is painted as a nut job ..as is anyone else who takes this administration to task.

Nope, until this media starts reporting the TRUTH about this monied mob who dare call themselves "elite," we have nothin but a wag the dog show - a snow job - on behalf of organized crime in suits.