Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bush Broadcasting to Blab this Independence Day?

It is all in the National Archives.

America is privatized and has been for sixty years. For sixty years the USA has been ruled by a shadow government who have gradually infiltrated the news media setting up Operation Mockingbird to treat the populace of America as enemies in their own country.

Real values, like honesty, integrity, true faith in God, and humility, are all absent from this placed puerile presidency which is pure propaganda.
Liked the Nixon and Reagan administration there is no substance to any of these GOP governments - each was only a further step on the way to complete corporate take-over by the Bush barbarians.
They don't ask if you are loyal to America - they ask if you are a "Bushie."
In the pockets of Big Pharma, Africa and the Gay community have felt the experimentation and ravages of Big Pharma, who now just blatently experiment on the populace as a whole.

Of course the news media never mention American pharma's roll in Nazi concentration camps...do they?

Despite a wealth of data that would incriminate and jail for life anyone else in the world, this lame sick administration stumbles on proving to the world that democracy is indeed dead in America, and the family behind it is also in sight - for all to see.

Now if Bush Broadcasting will only come home to the country - wouldn't it be something if they chose to come to the party on Independence Day. Wow.


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