Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Canada, Fascism by Stealth, Populace as Uninformed as Nazi Germany

“The New Fascism” in Canada and the Western World.

The Armaments Industry and Canadian Colonialism

by Robin Mathews

The Canadian armaments industry – backed energetically by the Canadian government – reveals the extent to which a secret, private corporate system has enormous influence in Canadian life and policy. It reveals how parliamentarians lie to Canadians and how subservience to the U.S. is welcomed and encouraged by parliamentarians serving private corporations. Finally, it is proof of what might be called a “pact of fraudulence” that contributes to death and destruction around the world.Even opposition parties avoid confronting the issue head on, becoming complicit in murder of the innocent all over the planet. At home they are complicit in sinking Canada deeper into subservience to expansionist policies. And there’s more….
We should look at the issue in its simplest terms, first to see how a phrase like “The New Fascism” is not extreme or extravagant in relation to Canada’s armaments trade. A huge network of armament production almost unknown to Canadian voters is in operation. The Canadian government secretly supports and facilitates the activity that could not continue if the whole population was informed about it. The activity very largely contributes to U.S. actions that subvert elected governments, undertake illegal wars, violate international law, and are contemptuous of international conventions.

One of its most grisly aspects is the use of the Canada Pension Plan as an investment purse to tie the Plan to the armaments industry by investing large and frequent sums in the armaments industry and armaments sale. In 2003 the CPP involved itself in 120 military corporations of which 90 were in the USA. Sanders writes that Canadians, thereby, became unwitting partners “in international war crimes, entrapped largely without [their] knowledge….” The activity of the CPP managers must be seen as political. The Canada Pension Plan could exist, could profit, could maintain generous viability without investment in weapons and associated production. The question may fairly be asked, then, if investment from CPP is intended to further involve Canadians in a very complicated support of (especially) U.S. military policy.

Why too has Canada contracted our census build to Lockheed Martin, a firm that funds the Bush Administration and is contracted to build a world wide spy system that can look into anyone's house anywhere in the world.

The truth - it doesn't matter who we elect they are all managers for a criminal corporate state. Paul Martin signed a deal, along with Bush and Fox to MERGE Canada and the USA with Mexico - NONE of our illustrious leaders passed the deal by the elected parliaments of their countries. (The only Western news agency who reported it on TV was Lou Dobbs at CNN. )

Quite simply the huge, covert, falsified activity binding Canada to U.S. military and political policy is a part of “The New Fascism”. It integrates Canada into a U.S. imperial junta which is more and more aggressive, brutal, and contemptuous of international and (even) U.S. law.

New Law slated to install Police State in Canada

Connie Fogal, Leader of the Canadian Action Party (CAP) says 'No' to a new federal law that gives police and national security agencies extended powers to eavesdrop on cellphone calls and monitor internet activities of Canadians. Fogal says it is a violatioan of Canadian rights guaranteed in the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is bringing back reminiscences of Hitler who imposed the same kind of liberty-stripping on the German people, who didn't know what had hit them until it was too late to say no! As Vancouver alderman Harry Rankin says, "If you want justice, go to church, not to the courts. The courts are there to apply the law created by politicians."

Harry Rankin is clearly Canadian, and the "justice" applicable to churches in his comment is that of Tommy Douglas a former pastor, and the man responsible for our health care program in Canada. In no way is it applicable to the blasphemous travesty of justice called the religious right in the USA. Tommy Douglas became a politician when he saw striking miners framed by the corporation ( who claimed they were rioting), then beaten and even killed by the local police in Saskatchewan. He must be looking down wondering when on earth we will ever wake up. Joining a coup with the USA and France to overthrow an elected government in Haiti and aid in fomenting civil war hasn't seemed to raise a pulse, and Martin arbitrarily signing away Canada to the USA without passing it by parliament hasn't raised a public outcry either.
So it is not surprising that when Harper provided Bush with his own personal $450 Million dollar slush fund courtesy of the Canadian lumber industry that it was not even reported on CBC.

I think we need, as a start, to buy and own our own broadcasting firm and take back the public airwaves.

I suspect once we get in and look at the books that every Prime Minister since Mulroney's sell out of Canada, has been owned lock stock and barrel by a criminal corporate coup. Look at the USA and we have the same thing. BOTH countries have grown more and more fascist since Reagan and Mulroney. Reagan had Alzheimers while in office and could read a teleprompter, but the ol Neo Cons were already at work. Cheney AND Rumsfeld were laying the groundwork then. Ever since that time we have watched the systematic destruction of the Canadian Health Care Plan, and increasing numbers of people who are mentally handicapped flung on the street.

They are NOT part of the fascist agenda where GOD is Greed Oppression and Denial.

Tommy Douglas was a man who, like Jesus, believed in helping the poor, while Harper's hymn is one of cold calculating cynicism, his corporate hymnal based on the same cool aid cult as the the Bush league boss he calls, "his shining light."


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