Friday, September 22, 2006

The Toxic Texas Oil Slick Over the Presidency

Big Oil’s Lobbying Efforts Pay Off

The Wall Street Journal today reports that the major oil companies successfully “beat back” attempts by Congress to have oil companies pay their fair share in taxes:
Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp. and ConocoPhillips beat back an attempt by senators to raise their taxes by nearly $6 billion.

The Senate version of the bill at one point included a provision that would have cost the five largest oil companies — companies with average daily production of 500,000 barrels; gross receipts of more than $1 billion dollars in 2005 and an ownership in a refinery of 15% or more — about $5 billion by changing how they account for oil inventory. House Republicans dropped the provision from the final version of the bill.
A separate Senate measure would have stripped $700 million in tax incentives for large oil companies to explore for oil and gas. That provision, too, was dropped from the compromise bill that emerged from House-Senate negotiations.
Looks like Big Oil has been putting their record profits to good use.
PoliticalMoneyLine has a new analysis on how they’ve been spending their money. In 2005, the top ten oil companies spent a whopping $33,173,092 lobbying Congress and the Bush administration. The numbers are broken down by company below:

Oil Company - Amount Spent

ChevronTexaco- $8,550,000
ExxonMobil - $7,140,000
ConocoPhillips - $5,098,084
Marathon - $4,290,000
BP - $2,880,000
Occidental- $2,042,177
Shell - $1,478,831
Ashland - $904,000
Sunoco - $540,000
Anadarko - $250,000
TOTAL - $33,173,092

While the Islamo fascist money laundry is only exceeded in both rhetoric and hypocrisy by the "Christian" money laundry promoting evangelical democracy by the bomb. (If you retaliate to death squads, or the invasion of your country - YOU are called a terrorist.)

Well the sulphur crack might have been a bit much ... BUT the the world has been waiting a l-ong time for someone to have the temerity to speak the truth about US assassination squads, US terror schools (School of Americas where death squads ARE trained) and the constant interference in other countries politics when, gasp, an American company is required to operate under the law of said country.

Come to think of it...the smell of sulphur crack...naw - that was mild when you think of the magnitude of what Bush has done. The millions who have died all over the world, while organized crime in suits count the cash.

In Canada we simply have another suit appointed by Big Oil - with the same level of empathy, kindness and inherent statesmanship (as Bush). While the people of Venezuala love Mr. Chavez and, small wonder, he doesn't raise the price of oil, start wars for profit or attempt to assassinate foreign leaders. He DOES stand up for his country and has nationalized the oil companies to ensure profit goes to the people. He has given land back to the indigenous people from whom it was stolen, not like the legacy of genocide delivered by the USA to Indians, and People of Color both at home (still waiting for forty acres and a mule after 365 YEARS of SLAVERY blessed by congress) and around the world.

Bush did deliver a speech that sounded like he is the mafia don of the Bada Bing, ..and given who his major contributors ARE and how they treat America - I think Mr. Chavez is on to something. Before the USA bombs another country into the 16th centry or the Hitler Youth Movement Pope takes us all back to the 14th century - let us SEE and HEAR what is really going on. Then take back the national resources of the country and put this evil on trial.


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