Friday, September 15, 2006

A Religious Rite of Lies, Larceny and Lechery

The article to the left references a prostitution ring for pedophiles that first appeared in the Reagan, Bush administration.

The complete story was scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel when the video was purchased and the show cancelled. You can however still view the video online, simply run your own search under:
"Franklingate and Gannongate" - (this covers the surface of the lechery section) Both prominent religious right leaders and politicans were ensnared in this ring.

Indeed the dominionist movement and its allies in Congress are actively seeking to eviscerate the capacity of the federal courts to protect the rights of all citizens. Developing a coherent understanding of the ongoing role of dominionism in the dynamic growth of the Christian Right movement will be integral to any effective counter strategy in this, one of the central struggles of our time.

A criminal money laundry, cloaked in the guise of religion, spies on Americans, bribes and controls congress, while the president acts as the main (false) prophet, above the law, and presumably answers to no one.

Ashcroft had the Patriot Act written well in advance of 9/11, and was told not to fly on 9/11. Interesting how that all worked out eh?

While fascist, false prophet, Falwell immediately went shrill attempting to scapegoat "gays,lesbians, feminists (the inherent belief that we are equal human beings), and abortionists," for bringing on the attack on the World Trade Center,

the firemen carried a real man of God from the devastation enacted on us all.


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