Sunday, September 24, 2006

American Schools of Terror - Let's OUT These Bastards

George W. Bush pulled the USA out of the International Criminal Court because Henry Kissinger was accused of approving WAR CRIMES in South America and implications stretched to George H. W. Bush (Known within the CIA within the CIA as "Poppy") . Shortly after extracting the USA from the ICC, Bush pulled back further from civilization and began operating outside the Geneva convention, with his approval then, and aggressive push to continue torture now.

Everyone. except the average American, seems to know what the USA really does abroad., where the US military is used around the world to install dictators friendly to North America, leaders like Stephen Harper, who took the Softwood Lumber Deal and smoked Canada for $450 MILLION dollars creating a slush fund for Bush.

(Bush gets up close and personal with Operation Wipe Out (Katrina) ) ... such a warm, present kinda guy.

I ran a search under "American Schools of Torture" and 15 Million links came up :
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School of the Americas Watch

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SERE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The school is intended to train aircrews, special forces, ... buried among 1000 pages obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union through the Freedom of - 31k - Cached - Similar pages

Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

The Committee provides up to $20000000 for the American Schools and Hospitals ... of torture for the physical and psychological effects of the torture. - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

this "torture" plays out in the real world: - 222k - Sep 22, 2006 - Cached - Similar pages
'Never Before!' Our Amnesiac Torture Debate
The exclusion of the impact of the School of the Americas on war crimes in El ... of torture as integral to American military and clandestine operations. - 38k - Cached - Similar pages

American Chronicle: Year Round School: Beneficial Or Torture?
Year Round School: Beneficial Or Torture? Kaycee Nilson. Kaycee Nilson has completed her first novel, ... American Chronicle is a trademark of Ultio LLC. ...www.america - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

Frederick K. Cox International Law Center - Case School of Law
3:45 pm - 5:00 pm Panel IV: “Adjudicating Torture in American Courts” Moderator: Associate Professor William Carter, Case School of Law - 16k - Cached - 7

Atlanta Independent Media CenterColumbus Ledger-EnquirerPrint Quality Photographs of November Vigil
Targeting a
"School for Strongmen" (
6/13/06- A U.S.-run training ground for Latin American military men is trying to withstand a growing protest movement. Full Story >>

Cruzada de ONG de EU para que AL no envíe militares a la Escuela de las Américas - La Jornada 3/31/06- Solecito Por allí pasaron los dictadores del subcontinente, acusa School of Americas Watch Full Story >>

¡No Más! No More! - The Nation 3/31/06- In the past week, the defense ministers of both Uruguay and Argentina have declared that their governments plan to cut ties with the US Army's School of the Americas. Full Story >>

Olga Talamante: Surviving torture 3/30/06- On March 27, 1976, sixteen months after being arrested, tortured and imprisoned in an Argentina jail, Olga Talamante was released. Today, she is concerned that the public doesn't understand the horror. Full Story >>
Activistas exigen desde Bolivia cierre de Escuela de las Américas -- HoyBolivia 3/17/06- Un grupo de activistas de derechos humanos se encuentra en Bolivia para promover el cierre del Instituto de Cooperación para la Seguridad Hemisférica, que depende del Ejército de los Estados Unidos, antes conocido como la Escuela de las Américas. Full Story >>

'I hope my witness helps ...' -- Raleigh News & Observer 3/10/06- North Carolina peace activist Gail Phares wants to inspire others as she prepares for prison. Full Stor
y >>
The Devil Is in the Lack of Details: The Defense Department's Media Contracts -- PR Watch 2/21/06- Another contract -- again "missing firm data" -- was for "a senior analyst to analyze the perceptions, activities, and events surrounding the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation and assist in developing public affairs plans for other Army personnel issues." The Army paid nearly $300,000 for this analyst, between 2004 and 2005. Full Story >>

The Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Karzai - has repeatedly told the media (even the lame mainstream media have reported it) - that "terror" in Afghanistan will not end until the source is dealt with, - the source that funds, trains and then returns death squads to foment civil unrest and allow oil companies to operate in a climate that can only be called organized crime run amok. Lets OUT this mockery of justice and educate the American people to the genocide perpetuated in their names to advance the profits of oil companies throughout the world.
Negroponte, the head of all US INTEL, is called "Dr. Death" in the Honduras for his known involvement in training death squads. Shortly after his assignment to Iraq - death squads and civil war erupted, just as it had in the Honduras. Of course he does not have to worry about International Court, and the USA operates outside the Geneva Convention (has for some time). ..
So all they need is for the current criminal congress to criminalize justice and make their actions "within the law. "

Just do not tell those of us who can still think and have memories that this is something new. OK? Just don't. The worst thing is that these criminal, murdering bastards, will get off scot free, because justice was criminalized a l-ong time ago.


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