Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gangster Governments of US / Canada Attempt to Mock Chavez

The governments of North America are under organized crime.

In BC we have Neo Con gliberal Gordon Campbell, the first (of the Provinces) to sign on to a softwood lumber deal that provides a $450 Million dollar slush fund for George W. Bush's personal use.

The mainstream media and Canadian parliament were mute on this topic and Quebec, governed by the Separatist party of Canada, actually sided with the Conservatives to approve the slush fund (softwood lumber deal) and ram it through Canadian parliament.
So we have a Prime Minister with about 32% of the popular vote, married to a party that would like to see Quebec separate from Canada... and together they called the shots for CANADA to provide a $450 million dollar slush fund for Bush. Crikey !

Rupert Murdoch an Australian fascist who controls US media.
Owner of FOX the Bush Fascist Orthodox Xenophobia

Halliburton Corporation's Brown and Root is one of the major components of
[Lead story in the October 24, 2000 issue of "From The Wilderness"]
byMichael C. Ruppert
© Copyright 2000, Michael C. Ruppert and "From The Wilderness" Publications, P.O. Box 6061-350, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, 818-788-8791, All Rights Reserved. - Permission to reprint for non-profit only is hereby granted as long as proper sourcing appears. For all other permissions contact
FTW October 24, 2000 - The success of Bush Vice Presidential running mate Richard Cheney at leading Halliburton, Inc. to a five year $3.8 billion "pig-out" on federal contracts and taxpayer-insured loans is only a partial indicator of what may happen if the Bush ticket wins in two weeks. A closer look at available research, including an August 2, 2000 report by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) at, suggests that drug money has played a role in the successes achieved by Halliburton under Cheney's tenure as CEO from 1995 to 2000. This is especially true for Halliburton's most famous subsidiary, heavy construction and oil giant, Brown and Root. A deeper look into history reveals that Brown and Root's past as well as the past of Dick Cheney himself, connect to the international drug trade on more than one occasion and in more than one way.
De Brie writes, "By allowing capital to flow unchecked from one end of the world to the other, globalization and abandon of sovereignty have together fostered the explosive growth of an outlaw financial market "It is a coherent system closely linked to the expansion of modern capitalism and based on an association of three partners: governments, transnational corporations and mafias. Business is business: financial crime is first and foremost a market, thriving and structured, ruled by supply and demand.

Where GOD is an acronym for GREED, OPPRESSION and DENIAL.

As it was in Vietnam, Central America and Kosovo, drugs continue to be a huge part of the financial plan for prolonged ground wars. As one cynic put it, "GOD" stands for "Gold, Oil and Drugs". We can be assured that an empire (as opposed to a republic) is emerging in the United States more quickly than many have expected. And the Bush Administration is already acting in a "godlike" manner. It is an empire that may have little need of even the pretence of democracy as American corporate fascism removes its mask in the wake of our election circus, the prostitution of our Supreme Court and the virtual destruction of American government as a servant of anything other than money, greed and power.


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