Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bye Bye America - Orchestrated by Benedict Bush


By Frosty Wooldridge
April 21, 2005

Can a country commit suicide? Can the leaders of America kill this country? Can President Bush--an avowed globalist who refuses to uphold his oath of office--destroy our Constitution by aiding and abetting this unending illegal alien invasion? Can Bush destroy our sovereignty?

“Yes! The Benedict Arnold Brigade destroying our country is led by George Bush,” Wes Bramhall, 83 year old WWII veteran said while standing on the line with the Minute Man Project across from Naco, Mexico. “Senator McCain is his field commander and Flake, Kyl and Kolbe are his corporals. The rest of the members of Congress are lynching our country to death.”
“Why are you out here with the Minute Man Project?”

(Ney was charged this past week)

“I read your article about Bush and Rice versus the Minutemen,” Mike, from North Carolina, said. “Our government has abandoned the American people and our Constitution. Bush should be impeached and thrown in federal prison. He is an enemy of civilization, a liar, and a traitor to his oath to uphold our Constitution. The only two real Americans in Congress are Ron Paul of Texas and Tom Tancredo of Colorado. They understand what is happening and are willing to do something about it! Illegal immigration will be THE defining topic in the 2006 elections.”


“There is a reason this is going on and it’s intentional,” Carl, a teacher, said. “You can't globalize a workforce until you make them all the same everywhere. Just look around. Each first world economy has massive immigration from NON EUROPEAN third world countries with class structures, dictatorships, and slave wages. That would create a global work force of about $6 per hour if we are really lucky. It would also by its very nature end the European concept and culture of freedom. That is the only way to achieve slavery without firing a shot.”

“Our nation has a much bigger problem than illegal aliens, and it needs correcting, preferably at the voter box,” Jack, a contractor, said. “Right now, I think ignorance of our people is the biggest problem. It is good that we assist in stopping the illegal immigrants, but I pray that we do not stop there.”


Here we have Bush and Brownie clearing people off land as efficiently as Mugabe, all under the guise of a hurricane, as if HAARP (US military 's weather manipulation ability is well documented) did not exist.


I have sourced many of the comments from the link above and wish to make note that while I do not always agree with every point of every argument, I am increasingly heartened by the similarity of complaint whether one is a minuteman, lesbian activist, or Conservative Evangelical. Increasingly we each see what is really going on, from th e conned parishoner to the dedicated fireman. Let us stand in the love of this planet and one another and stop this scourge on humanity.


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