Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Voices of Courage

The Dixie Chicks are old while young, displaying a tribal wisdom and sense of self normally found in women much older.

I am listening to their new album "Taking the Long Way" ...well
not really listening, absorbing, feeling, and luxuriating in the honest freedom of their music.

The evil bastards of the world cannot win with this kind of female energy standing tall !

Daniel Ellsberg
the former Marine Commander who released the Pentagon Papers to prove the Viet Nam war was a fraud
This is the day he was released from all charges against him - the Paul Revere of his decade. The media today would likely not report his side.

To the millions of women around the world subject to the constant invasion of their countries, the theft of their natural resources, the murder of their husbands and abuse of their children. Everyday they wonder how much longer WE can turn our heads and pretend we just do not see. It takes courage to put one foot in front of the other live ...under the conditions imposed on thousands of women around the world. We DO hear not stop talking, walking, breathing..
please - we hear you.

I have no idea who you are Sir, but thank you for asking the question and having the courage in a society of bullies, to keep asking.
Bob Marley, I hope you will pass the Redemption Song on down - we need your sweet peaceful energy.

You saw it all and just kept on singing..

PEACE brother, may your love of humanity wash over the earth and restore some sanity.

While I am (like the Dixie Chicks) "not ready to make nice"


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