Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bush's $17.7 Trillion Larceny Spree

April 07, 2005
George W. Bush's
$1.7 Trillion Grand Larceny Spree

Yup. That's what he said he was doing. Taking Social Security's payroll tax revenues to fund his upward redistribution of wealth, and giving the Social Security Administration "worthless IOUs" in exchange:

Max Sawicky

$639 BILLION. That's how much in "worthless IOUs" our President has given to the Social Security Trust Fund (FY2002-2005), in exchange for your payroll taxes. Over the next five years, our President proposes to add another $1,061 billion to this crime spree. (President's Budget, Summary Table S-10). According to the Congressional Budget Office, the projected ten year total Trust Fund swindle (FY2006-2015) is $2,554 billion. (CBO March, p. 2, Table 1-1)

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Bush is failing in the polls it is time to bring in the Toxic Texas Tornado of make- it- up as you go along kaka.

Like the rest of these liars, Hughes would not know a value if it bit her in the ass.


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