Friday, November 11, 2005

Images - Daily Free Association

This is my first stab at a daily free association of images from my stealth library. It seems a shame to leave them languishing there when I could be sharing them with the other HUMAN beings who live on the planet.

Ah always a Saudi to bail out the President's son, and now President...soooo very conveeenient. A tad messy when 16/19 attackers were Saudi Arabian after 911 and you had to classify the records showing you escorted over 300 Saudis from the country via executive jet.

But, then ol George is always the first to admit that he comes by his mouth honestly ...from Mom and Pop. Babs proved it post Katrina with this gem.

What always amazes this "family" made its money off the slave camps of Nazi Germany and they look down their carpet bagger noses at the American poor. It just makes me testy and when Stealth gets testy....she LOVES pictures.

Then there is the well known "Bush bald fetish"...the "president" feels compelled to stroke the head of every bald man he meets. (Stealth will show em all over the daily free association)

Of course a Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush Administration would not be complete without some Pharma drug scandal ..from the planting of AIDS in Africa and the gay community in the Reagan Reich to today's bird flu orgasm for Rumsfeld's conflict of interest and illegal profit taking
on disaster.

Ah yes Rumsfeld, Dr. Death, unchecked, completely unbalanced, and dearly in need of rolfing...lumbers on his paranoid, propaganda now believed by a party of one.

That is all I could fit on today ...and sorry these are so dark.

I have difficulty on Remembrance Day, it is a day that makes me very world weary and
extremely sensitive to the utter bullshit pouring from U.S. TV daily.


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