Friday, November 11, 2005

Honour the Dead - REMEMBER Who Funded Them and Why

This is the day in Canada when we honor our veterans, and honor those too who died so needlessly, and such long, painfilled, deaths as slave laborers, literally worked to death by the global corporate machine of Nazism (which is all corporatism is afterall).

Indeed one has only to seek, and she will find, in the National Archives of the United States of America, where the current sitting president's family had assets seized for "trading with the enemy." This trading (with the enemy) was not insignificant (then, nor is it now) and history credits American industry with providing over half the raw material that Germany needed to build up to war. We also see the track records of American industry and the Bush family themselves, profiting from the slave labor and medical experimentation done by drug companies (American AND German) at Auschwitz concentration camp.

THIS YEAR let us truly RESPECT and honor the dead... and those who have suffered so dearly for our freedom. Let us commit to stand in our own FREE THOUGHT, and to SEE clearly who really funded Hitler. In so doing, we will heal - and quit going to war again and again for a corporate monster - pulling the strings from an estate you and I AND our ancestors paid for a long time ago.

We ALL belong to a mass consciousness and this evil that funds these actions and LIES continually to cover them ...IS the root of all evil. Root out the lie and refuse to live lies.

Stand in TRUTH, DIGNITY and ETHICS to make the estates of war profiteers holocaust museums or hospitals, for the young kids sent to die for their greed. Post photographs of the torture chambers erected in Gestapo image by the CIA around the world. COMMIT as a people to how you want to treat other human beings and STAND BY IT.

Let us shed light where there is darkness and stand in the true light of God to embrace one another in peace and CONSCIOUSNESS. Let us set an intention for love and move to higher ground. It starts with me, taking responsibility to be conscious and to see all things as they are.

The following are some excerpts from links online. I encourage each of you to run searchs under titles like,

"Bush crime family" or "who funded Hitler" ...there are an amazing number of links online that increase daily, many leading directly to the documentation in the U.S. Govt national archives.

The U.S. media is complicit in the Bush plot and has blocked any negative press surrounding the Bush involvment in funding Hitler. They have blocked news during the Bush presidency,that survivors of Auschwitz are sueing the Bush family and American corporations for billions in damages. They are not to be trusted now. They manufacture and produce news that distracts from what a gang of thugs who have stolen office are doing

Just as Hitler was paid huge sums of money by American corporations, so is Bush. Bush is noted for saying..."to whom much is given...much is asked." Hmm since the Saudis and Chinese own Bush and the USA now has to wonder what they are asking.

Let us look to the source of terror as well...who funds it? Bin Laden was trained by the CIA, and MI6, with recorded meetings with the CIA as recently as August,2001. (next issue we'll follow some money)

I for one, am sick and tired of American / British worldwide corporations starting wars for profit and manipulating our minds through their plastic, propagandized media and corrupt intelligence agencies on the dole to big oil.

Let us SEE, and be blessed forevermore - with the clarity of vision ONLY brought by investigating and understanding ALL the facts and truth. Refuse to allow your history to be whitewashed any longer ANYWHERE in the WORLD...look in the mirror, then stand and be a REAL human being. Stand in courage, love, and honor for your country and SEE, HEAR, and ACCEPT the TRUTH.
You can no longer say you did not know what was happening, only that you choose to do nothing about it. Is that your own personal legacy to the world?

We don't need another hero to save us, we each need to stand and be a hero for ourselves and each other.

An extensive number of links to the national archives and other publications proving Bush involvement may be found here:

An excerpt:

"The president of the Florida Holocaust Museum said Saturday that George W. Bush's grandfather derived a portion of his personal fortune through his affiliation with a Nazi-controlled bank. John Loftus, a former prosecutor in the Justice Department's Nazi War Crimes Unit, said his research found that Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a principal in the Union Banking Corp. in Manhattan in the late 1930s and the 1940s. Leading Nazi industrialists secretly owned the bank at that time, Loftus said, and were moving money into it through a second bank in Holland even after the United States declared war on Germany. The bank was liquidated in 1951, Loftus said, and Bush's grandfather and great-grandfather received $1.5 million from the bank as part of that dissolution. 'That's where the Bush family fortune came from: It came from the Third Reich,' Loftus said.... The World War II experience points out how easy it was then -- and remains today -- to hide money in multinational funds. That money flows into American politics today, he said, from 'a series of multinational corporations behaving like pirates. They don't care about ideology; they care about money.'... Loftus' speech left many in tears. 'I am absolutely shocked,' said Nancy Krauss of Punta Gorda. 'I wish this would have come out before the election. My husband voted for Bush. I don't think he would have voted for him if he would have known.'"
Author links Bush family to Nazis
Herald Tribune Newscoast, 11 November 2000

Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened.


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